We often hear students say the words “Grades are just numbers, and it shouldn’t define them”. This notion is often heard when students feel pressure at academic works. However, teachers see value in student grades and records as they give insight on the latter’s progress, so learning needs will be addressed more specifically.

Tracking the student’s progress is a core job for teachers as a fruition of what the students have learned so far. Numerous assessments, evaluations, and records comprise a student’s performance in many areas. Moreover, the teachers must closely align these assessments according to the curriculum in order for students to achieve the best outcome in academics.

The Student Record: Traditional Vs Online

There are corresponding challenges in relation to keeping up an efficient class record. Recording student information such as school attendance, grades, accounts, and other important documents for individual students has always been tedious.

The traditional method of class records is way too manual and time-consuming. Apart from the detailed preparation of lessons, quizzes, and exams, recording grades are the most crucial.

Teachers who have used or are still using this method normally need peers to read grades to make sure that the encoding was correct. Their class records should have other more replica or copy sheets in order to be accurate.

The traditional encoding of grades also requires extra effort from the teachers to be more organized. Losing data like student records will be the worst-case scenario for teachers.

On the other hand, online class records can lift a lot of burdens from teachers. In today’s 21st century academe, school activities have greatly evolved technologically. It was expected that student tasks be outcome-based, thus encouraging more facilitating time for teachers.

Techno schools, in particular, now provide electronic templates for encoding grades. Herein lies specific calculations and formulas readily applied upon filling the template. The most common type of e-class record templates was implemented using an MS Excel spreadsheet.

Student Record Management System Defined

School management software includes student records in its functions. This feature is designed to automate the regular tasks of the school like admission, attendance management, administrative records, and other school operations. This management system is other times called the Student Information System (SIS).

A lot of school management software systems online offer multi-functional solutions. The common features in the package include billings and payment, library management, payroll, school portal, and etc. Other software also provides specialized modules like a student record management system.

Why Do Schools Need Student Record Management Systems?

In automating school tasks, relevant data and information will be readily available in the system. Retrieving such data can be dreadful most especially when there’s no system to follow. The student record management system gauges a competitive streamline of work in the school. As the school administration saves costs in optimizing administrative tasks through a management system, teachers can reduce the time for secondary duties. They can now focus more on facilitating students while maintaining necessary records.

A case study in Uganda concluded that poor records management is among the biggest problems faced by universities. Poor records management is the common result of lack of timely feedback, lost marks, incorrect grades, and delayed issuance of academic awards. Thus, student information systems can be a gear to improve the provision of efficient data. Time-wise and productivity-wise, a student management system is the way to go for schools.

Below is a list of student record management system examples you may find online:

Examples of Student Record Management System Online

1. GoSchooler

GoSchooler offers an excellent and organized student record management system. It is a cloud-based school management software that provides an accessible app for data retrieval and other important student records. Among the functionalities of GoSchooler’s management system are the daily attendance tracking, administrative tasks, curriculum management, content management, and communication, all of which involve the student records. On top of that, GoSchooler’s interface is fully customizable to better give solutions to your specific school needs. 


  • Organized system that is easy to navigate for all its users
  • Easy access for teachers of the student records 
  • Competitive library tracker that provides relevant information about the borrowed book like dates and the issued references
  • User-friendly interface for the student record management system

2. Alma

Screenshot from Alma


  • Customizable management system that fits districts, schools, and organizational groups
  • Intuitive interface with role management for privacy
  • Holistic student records, flexible grade books, robust curriculum tools, and custom report cards
  • Interactive classroom management with Google classroom

3. Chanakya ERP

Screenshot from Chanakya ERP


  • Powerful multipurpose school management software
  • Accessible system with no installation required
  • Reliable mobile app that is more convenient for teachers and parents to use
  • Unique account for users like individual students, faculty members, and non-academic staff

4. Classe365

Screenshot from Classe365

Classe365 gives forward-thinking management for educational institutions. They provide solutions to schools through many functions unified in their platform. They have updated responses to distance learning due to the pandemic, as well. Their management software helps in shifting school operations and classes online. Classe365 focuses on many functionalities such as pre-admissions, financial management, and SIS.


  • Easy-to-use drag and drop interface in course management and class timetables
  • Teacher-friendly tests and online quizzes with various selections of question methods
  • Easy-to-understand institution analytics using interactive graphs and charts
  • Considerable grants and scholarships with the government, institution, or non-profit organizations 

5. Edmatix

Screenshot from Edmatix

Edmatix is another cloud-based management software for schools. This app aims to simplify academic tasks and cater to 21st-century learning needs. They also automate back-office chores for the betterment of school administrations, reports, and communication. Their comprehensive SIS skips manual and obsolete processes. Edmatix gives the one-stop solution with various modules compressed into a single database. All these benefits for simple pricing.


  • Custom designs for exam patterns and exam timetables, as well as graphical analysis of scores
  • Centralized database for admission and online applications
  • User-friendly fees collection with invoice management, e-receipts, and 24/7 transactions
  • Management software for student report cards, transfer updates, discipline record checks, and more

6. Fedena

Screenshot from Fedena


  • Hassle-free reports and 360-degree tracking for better and faster data-based decisions
  • Smooth handling of online fees collection and examination management that generate productivity
  • Fully web-based school ERP software that provides 100+ excellent modules
  • Efficient 24/7 customer support and data security

7. Gradelink SIS

Screenshot from Gradelink SIS


  • Effortless assignment, lesson plan creation, and easy grade generation for teachers
  • Custom alert and real-time access for parents across desktop and mobile devices
  • Updated report cards, tuition payment status, and school announcements
  • Offers complimentary professional development courses for teachers and reliable customer support

8. VidyaWell

Screenshot from VidyaWell

Last on the list of student record management system examples is VidyaWell. This centers on imparting experiential education with flourishing academic performances for students. Their student management module generates important documents like student lists and certifications. This also provides comprehensive student records about individual students. It allows you to access interactive reports and assesses a student’s classroom performance.


  • Filtered out printable records that can be exported to digital record sheets
  • Easy tracking of promoted as well as non-promoted students
  • Organized system of maintaining attendance and other class records for teachers
  • Secured cloud network for more modules like exam results, fees management, and etc.

Takeaways about Student Record Management System

In today’s major need for transforming the academe to digitalized platforms, it is up to schools to choose the best management system that suits their approaches.

Automating the student record does not only benefit teachers but the institution as a whole. By doing this, teachers’ workload for documentary tasks will be lessened. They can concentrate more on planning classroom management, so teaching becomes more effective. High-quality education is the ultimate goal, after all.

By focusing more on effective methods, and not on the emphasis on intellectual outcomes, the burden for students can be lifted, as well. Like Plato said, “A good decision is based on knowledge, and not on numbers.”

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