Real-time School Bus Tracking

Give parents peace of mind with GPS school bus tracking, so their childrens’ location and safety are always monitored during pick up and drop off from school.

How GoSchooler’s Bus Tracking System Works

Integrated into GoSchooler’s ERP solution is an innovative school bus GPS tracking system that gives parents, teachers, and students the ability to know where each bus is located on their route at all times. Each school bus is equipped with a GPS tracking device to offer real-time location monitoring and fleet management.

For many parents, the school bus can be a point of concern, as they don’t always know the whereabouts of their kids between school bus pick up and drop off. Our school bus tracking system eliminates that concern by providing constant real-time tracking of school bus locations. It also alerts parents when their children leave school, get on the school bus, and are on the way home.

For school authorities, monitoring school buses and bus driver activity is important for fleet management. From bus drivers to school buses, tracking is important to protect students and their safety. GoSchooler’s school bus tracker gives administrators a real-time overview of all their school buses, school bus routes, and student management. All from one user-friendly software interface.

Our innovative school bus tracking software provides every school with a complete solution for their school bus data, security, and management.

Keep students safe & improve bus transportation

Help Families Save Time with Real-Time Tracking

Families at schools with GoSchooler love how easy it easy to pick up and drop off their kids every day.

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