School Accounting Software to Improve Financial Management

Manage all of your school finance right from one easy-to-use module. GoSchooler’s accounting software for schools stores all your financial reports and makes payroll and fee management a breeze.

Benefits of Our School Accounting Software

Bringing all of your school accounting needs into one ERP software is a great way to improve transaction flow across your school and ensure that all finances are synced in real-time. GoSchooler’s school accounting system helps you automate and streamline all accounting workflows, saving time and money in school administrative tasks.

GoSchooler allows educational institutions to easily complete payments and gain better control over their finances. Whether it’s managing staff timesheets, creating yearly budgets and reports, general accounting, storing school financial data, or payroll management, GoSchooler’s software provides the tools you need to stay organized and on track.

Bringing your school accounting online makes it much easier to collaborate across school departments, manage finances, and process payments. Using cash is an archaic and time-consuming way to process payments today. Our cloud-based school accounting software eliminates the hassle and offers a complete accounting system for all your school financial needs.


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A Complete School Finance Software

  • Process online payments instantaneously.
  • Easily track and audit financial reports and budgets.
  • Improve school accounting and cut administrative costs.
  • Easily integrate data with your existing accounting system.
  • Secure cloud-based data storage.

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Our cloud-based accounting software helps schools save time through an intuitive all-in-one software full of features that streamline a number of common financial accounting needs. From automated payroll processing to processing income and expenses, GoSchooler increases efficiency across the board.

Yes! Setup is very fast and you’ll have the full help of our support team whenever you need it. We know accounting can be complicated, so we’re here to ensure that all features can be integrated seamlessly with K-12 schools, small businesses, or other education institutions.

Yes! GoSchooler is perfect for private schools, K-12 schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities, and all other education institutions. Regardless of your business, our financial management system can be adapted to meet your needs.

Yes! GoSchooler gives you the ability to break down your school accounting and financials however you need. Our ERP school accounting software provides a complete accounting system that can generate reports for any budget, department, or school year.

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