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Our powerful virtual classroom software gives teachers the ability to create and conduct online classes from anywhere in the world. GoSchooler’s virtual classroom provides a fun, interactive platform that makes an online classroom look and feel just like a normal classroom. With an online whiteboard, breakout rooms, and live chat, students and teachers still feel like they’re together in person.

GoSchooler’s virtual classroom software has a ton of features to make online teaching a breeze and allows any school to significantly improve its virtual education potential.

Powerful Virtual Classroom Tools

Teaching in a virtual classroom has never been easier. From an interactive whiteboard and screen sharing to seamless web conferencing, our virtual classroom software gives teachers all the features they need to bring their classroom online. With students accessing your class lessons from the comfort of their own home, you’ll offer them all the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Online Courses, Virtual Classes, & Live Sessions

With education transitioning more and more to the online world, virtual classroom software is essential for keeping your school competitive today. GoSchooler’s video conferencing tools allow teachers to structure their virtual classrooms however they like. Enhance online learning at your school with real-time live classes that deliver a high-quality virtual classroom experience.

Recording Audio and Video

Even if virtual classes are live, our cloud-based virtual classroom software platform provides the tools needed to record each virtual learning session and save it for easy remote access later on. Data is fully integrated with our online platform, so participants can access class recording sessions easily via their computer or mobile devices.

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