Even before the outbreak of the infamous Coronavirus, schools had been actively incorporating technological tools into their organizational setups and education planning. In 2019, Newschools Venture Fund and Gallup conducted a survey of public schools on their perception of educational technology use. They found that among participants, 85% of teachers, 93% of principals, and 95% of administrators see great value in using digital learning tools in the classroom today, and in the future.

Although some private schools have opted to ban smartphones from school premises, the use of mobile phones has remained essential for work outside the classroom. According to EdTech Magazine, 64% of students use a smartphone and 65% use a notebook computer to complete their homework. And those percentages continue to rise. It’s clear to educators that these devices have a place in today’s schools. 

Not only have instructional tools and materials shifted today’s classroom setup and lesson presentations, but they have also informed school management systems. And in adapting to the realities of COVID-19, those institutions, high schools, and colleges that may have lagged before,  have increased their automating efforts. School management systems have become a necessity for any educational institution.

The School Management App

A school management app or school management software helps in automating the complicated manual tasks of any school administration. These administrative tasks include the daily activities and operations that must function efficiently, be up to date, and accessible.

Universities and secondary schools offer a school portal for authorized users to view and record student data and all pertinent school-related information and activities. Included in the menu will be the student’s profile, financial accounts, school announcements, and trackable metrics, among other operations and features.

School management systems allow institutions to save time and effort to focus more on administrative and educational priorities. Teachers will have more time to prepare lesson plans and engage with students; finally able to concentrate on their true purpose in the classroom. Those in charge of student affairs can answer queries faster. Parents won’t need to wait in line just to make a payment. And Human Resources can have a more deliberate hiring process.

One key advantage of a school management app is that most of these complementary tasks can be completed online. Many of the roles and responsibilities are now computer-based. 

The following further specifies the uses and benefits of management software for each of the school staff beneficiaries:

The Functions of School Digital Software/App

For the Administration

For the registrar, the primary use of school software will be to maintain customer relationship management (CRM). This helps manage interactions among the staff themselves, as well as improve their connection and communication with students and parents. 

These days having a management system is instrumental in the school admission process. Making a positive first impression on prospective enrollees is imperative. A professional online presence and an easily navigable school portal are important stepping stones in engaging students and their parents in the decision to enroll. 

The administration can generate timetables or schedules through an easy drag-and-drop method. The school software can also simplify fee collection, as the process and receipt are already online. Other offers involve transportation operations such as safe and convenient bus services for students. 

Administrators can more efficiently manage different departments, which leads us to the next point.

For the Management

School management software can save time for both academic and non-academic staff. With automated operations, most tasks can be completed in a more timely manner and with fewer errors. The school can circulate emails among its faculty members and student body with reminders of an upcoming assembly or meeting, or other departmental notifications.

The software can provide a customizable school calendar that can be set to suit the timing and planning of school management and parents. Helpfully, and when necessary, any modifications to the schedule can be easily applied and distributed to all parties.

Human Resources can more easily document employee absences by digitizing operations. Streamlining the payroll process and accompanying documentation provide enhanced accountability and recourse for staff. Many private institutions have room to improve in this area. And not only for the convenience of their teachers and other staff members but also to stay in compliance with regulations.

School management may also choose to include the students’ teacher evaluations in the portal. In this section, students can leave objective feedback for their instructors. Having this performance evaluation can amp up the student community to share responsible assessments of their teachers, allowing for transparency and accountability by both students and teachers. 

For the Teachers

Of all who benefit from a school management app, teachers will find the greatest rewards. Time-consuming, repetitive tasks that become automated give teachers more time to interact with students.

The school management app can assist teachers with their many duties. This involves comprehensive schedule maps with customized templates. The software also features a collection of lesson logs that teachers can follow.

Encoding student grades and progress reports will be far less taxing than when completed manually. Teachers can input interactive quizzes and exams online, as well as the tracking of attendance.

In digitizing education, administrators need to emphasize professional development and support teachers in becoming more technically savvy. According to Cambridge International in their Global Education Census Report of 2018, schools must offer their teachers and leaders more pre-training.

As teachers gain ample knowledge and fluency in using resources, students can become more autonomous in completing assignments both inside and outside of class. This invites a win-win situation between teachers, students, and parents. 

For the Parents

For parents, school management software keeps them informed on school activities and any updates to class schedules or policy. Parents can receive important information about their children through SMS or emails. And they can track their child’s progress and school performance through reporting and notifications.

Having several payment methods optimizes cashless transactions for parents. And school software guarantees safer fee collection and better documentation for all parties.

Parents can check or receive updated circulars and newsletters online through the school website or portal, helping bridge the communication gap between the school and parents. Parents are no longer dependent on receiving information from their children! 

For the Students

You may have noticed that all the above benefits center on the welfare of the student. Every credible school’s goal is to offer its students the best education possible. 

Using a school management app optimizes their learning experience. Students will have individual accounts for personalized messages and notices from the school and their teachers.

Through the school portal, students can easily access supplementary modules for each of their subjects and track their academic progress. They can access their school library for online research. With their assignments and class schedules right at their fingertips, students can improve their organizational skills and increase their productivity.

So now that the functions and benefits of school management apps are better understood, let us take a peek at some of the comprehensive apps recommended for schools:

Comprehensive School Management Apps

1. GoSchooler

Screenshot from GoSchooler

GoSchooler embodies a modern learning management system with complete functionalities. From digitizing the daily administrative tasks to conducting online classes, this school management app doesn’t fail to help schools. Educational institutions have a wide selection of software, but the GoSchooler management system walks their talk. This app is accessible to multiple devices in terms of providing a reliable platform for e-learning.

The school management app of GoSchooler offers multiple features for administrative management and learning management. On top of that, they value transparent communication with the students, parents, faculty, and other staff of a school client.

This school management software ensures a seamless workflow among the administrators and employees, as well as a productive learning environment for students. Finally, giving the best educational experience from admission to daily classes is the ultimate goal for this cloud-based management software.

2. Simption Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Screenshot from Simption Tech

Simption Tech is an India-based IT company that offers web designs and development worldwide. Among their services is school management software. The company serves over 700 schools. They feature software plans for schools that cater to diverse administrative needs. This software involves highly functional tools such as a recycle bin and accessible data backups available in your portal.

What’s interesting about Simption Tech is that they also offer an offline facility where panels and end-users can connect, even without the internet. There is an Android application ready to use by students, parents, and teachers. Simption’s software also has a panel for government requirements. This enables users, including the administration and students, to process government-related documents. 

A leading company since 2016, Simption provides excellence in products and services to its clients. They have established a dedicated team of network and customer service representatives to assist users with their questions. Their company mission is to build educational models suited to any institution and exceed competitive standards.


Screenshot from FACTS 

FACTS, previously branded as RenWeb, is a Nelnet company that aims to provide solutions for educational needs. This Nebraska-based company offers an excellent package through service and technology. Their Student Information System automates a seamless flow of information between the school, staff, students, and parents through convenient and effective solutions, including an automated admission process.

Their school management app provides a variety of easy-to-assign security settings to grant access to staff. They allow administrators to authorize specific program areas and other functionalities. One of the best of many features in their software is FACTS Ed. They provide engaging workshops for teachers to further professional development and overcome challenges at work. This strategy is designed to maximize positive impact for the institution.

Screenshot from FACTS 

FACTS also has a COVID-19 Resource Hub to help support the fulfillment of academic dreams among its clients.


Screenshot from STEPZO

Another excellent platform with reliable products and services is STEPZO. This school management app offers an organized system specialized for a student, parent, and teacher zone. They guarantee users real-time access to school features including progress reports, attendance information, and scheduled exams. Through internal messaging, STEPZO promotes communications between teachers and parents. 

Screenshot from STEPZO

The mobile app for STEPZO’s school management receives consistently high ratings from students, parents, teachers, and administrators in Google Play. The app does indeed deliver on its promise of improved administrative and operational efficiency for educational institutions.  

Final Thoughts

Data accessible from UNESCO

Many schools have closed or are on the verge of closing because of the operational challenges posed by the pandemic. With the situation so dire, proactive leaders are choosing to shift paradigms and take extra steps to incorporate school management apps; steps that previously might have met with resistance. 

Digitizing school functionalities will help gear a seamless flow in school administration and operations. Though setbacks are inevitable for now, the important role of school software is to help you continue to move forward. 

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