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Unify all your HR management – from payroll to performance tracking – in GoSchooler’s ERP software.

A Complete Human Resources Platform

As large institutions, schools often have many employees and need to engage in HR management to ensure that the school is running in an effective, efficient way. GoSchooler offers a one-stop online environment for schools to manage all employee information, track performance, manage attendance, payroll, and more. Improve communication throughout your team and ensure the professional development of all employees.

From storing employment data to progressing toward improved job performance, automating your HR department needs will have a tremendous impact on your school. GoSchooler also offers a 24/7 support team to assist your employees with any software issues along the way.

Human Resources

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>Approve Leaves

>Apply Leave

>Staff Rating

>Archived staff

Manage All Human Resource Needs

From One Interface

Understand Employee Performance at Your School

Monitoring the teaching and performance of your employees is crucial to providing an enriching learning environment for students.

Tracking employee performance is an important part of running any business, but it’s especially so for schools. Teaching performance directly translates to better student outcomes, so this needs to be part of any school human resources department.

GoSchooler makes it easy to track the professional skills of the teachers across your school. With detailed staff rating breakdowns, you can easily view what skills a teacher is thriving with and where they can improve their teaching. A better overview of performance gives administrators the ability to provide meaningful feedback that helps employees improve their knowledge and teaching ability

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