Along with a lot of happiness and fulfillment, parenting also has a lot of responsibilities. Even from the beginning, we have to determine which is the best formula milk, the best diaper, the best clothes. And with all those decisions, we have to take into consideration the elements that will show the advantages of such products over the other. Even from the start, choosing what’s best for our children is not easy.

Then, as our kids get older, they will soon be ready for school. They are slowly gaining independence. But, if you think it becomes easier from there, think again. Now is the time to start planning their future. And the first step is deciding on what school they should go to.

Choosing a school is very serious. It is one of those big decisions you have to make for your children. After all, it will be their first step into their future. From the day they begin with preschool up to the time they graduate from college, having the right school will be the thin line between them making it or not in the big world of reality.

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best School

Parents and guardians probably have heard this a million times, but choosing the best school for your kids is something you can’t just decide on overnight. Where they attend school will have a lasting impact on their lives, both personally and professionally. Hence, you must know what to look for in a school to make a sound decision.

The following are some of the most critical factors you should look for in a school:

1. Safety

This can be quite self-explanatory, but still, safety is one of the most critical factors you should consider. We want to feel at peace when we leave our children with their teachers. And, of course, we don’t want anything bad happening to them while they are not with us.

According to a study, over three million assorted crimes occur each year in the USA’s 85,000 public schools. This occurrence is a very alarming statistic since there is no way of knowing when and where this will occur. Therefore, we must choose a school with a proven record of keeping its schools safe by implementing proper guidelines and security that prevent these crimes from happening.

2. Location

Another factor you must consider is how far or how near you want your children’s school to be. This is very important as the school’s location will significantly affect the student’s convenience and the budget.

When someone is going to a new school for the first time, especially for college students, money will be one of the first things talked about. And when you are considering a college or university in another state, then surely the initial budget will change. This can happen if you were offered a scholarship. And this is not a bad thing. One just has to know the factors that will change depending on the school you deemed is best.

3. Cost

When we talk about the amount you will have to spend when your kid goes off to school, we can’t help but think if cheaper schools are almost always equal to not being up to par education. Well, it is simply not correct.

While the cost you need to get out of your pocket is important, compromising the quality of education is simply not acceptable. Cheaper schools, like state schools, are still very competitive when it comes to their curriculum. They are fully equipped to teach and care for students for them to be ready with their futures.

But if you choose to study in a more expensive school, that will not be a wrong decision still. You just have to be ready with the expenses. But since we are talking about our kids’ futures, the money you will spend will always be worth it.

Techno School VS Standard School

I’m sure you have heard of a Techno School. Basically, they are schools that specialize in teaching using the latest technologies, such as projectors and computers, in order for the lessons to be more effective and can be easily understood by the students.

Techno schools also follow the latest trends in learning. Some examples are e-books, visuals through online presentations, digital classrooms, and other forms of education that mainly rely on current technological advancements. In this way, students are more likely to be more interested since the lessons are incorporated with eye-catching images and are conducted to adapt to easily.

According to a famous Techno School in India named SRI Chaitanya, the main goal for a Techno Syllabus is to give the students the best foundation by integrating a combination of the syllabus from the state, CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), and ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education).

When comparing with traditional or standard schools, their differences must be kept in mind to know their advantages over the other precisely. And we can only do this if we explore their different avenues.

In a traditional school, the guidelines are less complicated and rely heavily on manual processes and teaching methods. 

It is defined as teacher-centered information delivery. Teachers are primarily the ones in charge of facilitating a regular classroom setup, with a black or whiteboard among the tools for teaching. Standard schools are the most common schools you can see nationwide, and some have been around for a long time.

So, Which is Better?

Comparing these pieces of information, are techno schools better than traditional schools? The plain answer is yes. 

In more ways than one, techno schools have made extra efforts to update the latest learning trends and integrate them to ensure quality education.

Most techno schools have subscriptions of school management software, automated attendance tracking, and fleet management. Almost all their processes are automated and digital.

Of course, standard schools have worked in the past and continue to do so. But we have to admit that school systems need to keep up with the ever-changing world. Students will be missing a lot if the school will not consider different technological advancements in teaching.


Whether you choose to enroll your children in a techno school or a standard school is up to you. Although, if you really think about it, students who are being taught using the latest gadgets in learning are most likely to be more inclined to technology, paving more ways to learn easier and retain information better.

It is not an easy task to choose which school you want your kids to attend, but it is a crucial decision that will affect their future. Just always remember, as parents and guardians, we are obligated to make our decision based on where the probability of the students are more likely to succeed, more than the other factors to consider.

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