No one can deny that attendance is a significant element in the academe. 

Additional credit and recognition are often awarded to students who can attain a clean attendance record throughout their schooling years. And along with the significant role it plays, tools and software suites are available to aid the entire process. 

RFID attendance systems come into play. This recognition technology is often used in large corporations, but it has trickled its way to the education sector. It serves the same purpose but for an entirely different target demographic. 

At the end of this article, you’ll realize why the RFID attendance system is essential and beneficial for schools. 

How RFID Attendance System Works

In most cases, RFID towers and consoles are installed in the different areas of the school. The priority, of course, goes to the main gates. RFID consoles are also installed in offices and restricted areas to ensure that unauthorized persons are kept out. 

RFID tags are then distributed to the students and staff. The tags are often embedded in the organization’s official identification card. In other cases, the tags are stitched into the uniforms’ collar for easier access. 

Every time the tower or console recognizes the tag, it automatically processes the data and notes that the user is present for the day. 

This simple process provides more benefits than one can imagine. 

Why You Should Use RFID Attendance System for Schools

1. Highly Convenient

Relating to how simple the process is, the use of an RFID attendance system provides long-lasting convenience. 

System providers, like GoSchooler, takes care of setting up the hardware and software. They will also take care of configuring and distributing the needed RFID tags. What the school needs to provide is the personal records of all users. 

As RFID systems automate the process, it provides general attendance reports immediately. In addition, the school admin and teachers can choose to print or store this data in their own data storage software. 

Convenient Tracking Process

The most apparent form of convenience is the method of using the system. It is a no-brainer process that even little children can follow after one instruction. GoSchooler provides RFID towers that will pick up the signal from the tags. In this manner, the tag holders don’t need to tap their ID cards on any hardware. 

For RFID hardware consoles, the process requires an added step that pertains to the tapping. The user needs to tap the card on the hardware every time necessary. This method is more applicable when the system is used for limiting access to restricted areas. 

Easy Communication

Lastly, its convenience also comes in the form of communication. Once the system detects that the student arrived or left the school, the software will notify the student’s parents by sending an automated SMS

All in all, the system automates all attendance tracking processes that were done by teachers manually. Thus, despite being a sizable investment, it decreases a significant load off the teachers’ backs. 

2. Durable 

Attendance tracking traditionally used simple tools, such as pen and paper. Teachers manually tick off boxes to signify that this student is present and that pupil is late. It takes up so much time, especially in large classes that are common among district schools. 

However, these records that were so taxing to create and compile are easy to destroy and misplace. 

With RFID systems, the tools used are created according to a certain standard to ensure their durability. As a result, the RFID tools are resistant to several natural elements that easily damage the traditional attendance records. 

As a matter of fact, GoSchooler’s RFID tags can be worn as a part of the school uniform. It is durable enough to go under several washes without compromising its quality and purpose. 

3. Prioritizes Data Security 

Much like all data software systems, RFID attendance systems prioritize the safety and security of their data

Despite having several RFID towers in one area, another property’s tower can recognize your presence but can’t access your data. Only the tower that was configured to use the data can access and process it. 

There are several data security walls in the system that ensures safety too. 

4. Streamlines Internal Systems

Using automated attendance systems also helps streamline your existing school process systems. 

It is advisable to invest in school management software that offers automated attendance systems for school attendance use. For example, GoSchooler offers both RFID and biometric attendance systems. 

With the integration of the RFID attendance system with the management software, all the data in the management records are at the attendance system’s disposal. Upon setting up, you don’t need to collect and upload new documents for the attendance system. A simple setup is enough to synchronize the details for both systems. 

As shown in this screenshot from GoSchooler‘s site, you can configure your attendance settings under the Learning Management System (LMS) tab.

However, there is nothing wrong with choosing an entirely separate provider for your RFID attendance systems. The setting up process will just take more time and effort. It will definitely cost more, too. 

Think about your choices, and choose the ideal set-up with your organization’s current resources. 

5. Provides Long-lasting Solutions

The problems with lengthy and taxing attendance tracking have been under the wraps for far too long. 

It isn’t often recognized as one of the main struggles that teachers face day-to-day, but it is one of the responsibilities that adds more significant weight to their piles of work. 

Once an RFID attendance system is installed in your institution, the time spent for arduous attendance tracking can be allocated for other pressing responsibilities. As a result, they can have more time to rest before classes begin or prepare for their daily lessons. 

It is a long-lasting solution that requires little to no participation from them. If technical problems arise, GoSchooler’s RFID consoles allow the user to input data manually. Once done, the teachers can call on the provider to ask for technical assistance, and GoSchooler will send their professional technicians your way. 

Aside from that, this attendance system is a long-term solution for your paper waste problems. 

If your offices are stacked to the roof with piles and piles of documents, this system will help minimize the clutter of several school admin processes

This attendance tracking method isn’t completely paperless. But, you have the option to stay paperless. The software provides daily and monthly attendance reports that can be printed out. If you choose to remain paperless, softcopies of these reports are also at your disposal. 

6. Better Performing Schools

One of the main reasons schools keep a close eye on their students’ attendance rate is its significant relationship with the school’s overall academic performance

Consistently high attendance rates have a positive relationship with school performance. 

An RFID attendance system provides consistently accurate attendance updates without fail. With this data, the school management can keep track of the attendance rate easily. Slight dips in the trend become easily visible using the data from the software. 

On top of that, the data from the system is easy to migrate to other software systems that will help the school manage the circumstance better. 

Final Words

Automated attendance systems may seem like a luxury for some, but it is slowly becoming necessary, especially among densely populated schools. If you are still weighing your options, make sure to keep the mentioned reasons above. These reasons and benefits of using one will help provide a better environment for your institution. 

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