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Communication is Essential for Any School.

Regardless of the shape or size of your school, it’s important that parents, teachers, and students have a way to effortlessly communicate. Our school mobile app connects everyone at your organization on one, easy-to-use platform to support all your communication needs.

Instantly send messages related to class activities, important updates, reports, etc from one mobile app. GoSchooler provides a great way to message teachers, parents, and students at once thanks to our school mobile app.

If a teacher changes a homework assignment, they can easily message students to send them a notification about it. Likewise, you never know when you’ll need to alert parents about their child’s progress, attendance, or location. In today’s world, our school mobile app gives everyone peace of mind and ensures that all-important information is distributed to everyone at your school who needs to see it.

An App that’s Full of Features

  • Teachers can easily message students and parents with class updates.
  • Image, video, and text formats are supported.
  • Inform parents about their child’s process and performance.
  • Keep your education team connected like never before.
  • Enjoy one of the world’s top mobile apps for schools.

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Yes! Messages can be grouped or sent individually to anyone connected to the mobile school app.

GoSchooler’s mobile app supports text messages, instant messaging, image messages, video, etc. – any common online communication method! It’s all about supporting the continuing education of your students.

Yes! For both iPhone and Android, simply visit your respective app store, download the app, and login to the GoSchooler network. From there you can easily message parents, students, and teachers right from your mobile phone.

Yes! Our development team will periodically review our mobile app performance and also analyze our data, services, and reports to ensure that the app provides value to everyone. We take school feedback very seriously and are always looking to release new updates that better meet your needs.

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