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What is GoSchooler’s School Library Management Software?

School libraries often have to keep track of tons of resources. From managing library inventory, to organizing media assets, it can be a challenge to keep track of books issued and media circulation. GoSchooler offers a library software solution that is fully integrated with your school library inventory and data.

Our software provides everything librarians and administrators need to keep track of all their library assets in real-time, while also providing students with an interactive set of features to search and explore new content.

GoSchooler’s Library management software is accessible and free for anyone involved with the school library to access. This library management system creates a seamless way to connect the classroom, library, and home for students and improve library management for staff at the same time.

Help Students Learn Better

  • Manage complete library operations.
  • Help students reach their full potential.
  • 24/7 online access available from anywhere.
  • Maximize student learning and knowledge.
  • Complete suite of library tools.

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