Student Enrollment Management System

Manage the entire enrollment process from student information storage to admissions from one online tracking system.

Say Goodbye to Paper Admissions

Student enrollment is a key aspect of any school or educational institution. After all, without students coming in there wouldn’t be a need for higher education! That’s why it’s essential to have a student enrollment management system built into the fabric of your institution. It’s the best way to connect parents and students to your school and guide them into the admission process.

Beyond that, it significantly reduces overhead for your admissions office. Whether it’s following up with interested students and parents, keeping applicants up-to-date with recent news with SMS messaging, or creating forms for student enrollment, there’s a ton of work to be done. GoSchooler automates much of this away with our powerful enrollment management software.

GoSchooler’s enrollment management system connects seamlessly with the rest of the software platform to eliminate headaches and tedious admissions management work. With a suite of powerful features for your school admission department, your admissions staff can easily manage data from applicants, process online payments, generate online forms, and so much more.

School management and student admissions has never been easier.

A Complete End-to-End Admissions Management System

Make your school admissions a breeze.

Getting students enrolled at your institution has never been easier. Experience the power of our student enrollment management software.

Sifting through hundreds or thousands of applicants on paper is a challenging task for any school registration department. Our system allows you to save all student admission data on the cloud, ensuring that all admissions information is secured and easy to access from within our student enrollment solution. No more having to contact students for additional data or worrying about lost personal information.

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