Nowadays, the use of gadgets is a necessity in the education sector, especially with the prevalence and need for online learning. From the broader school management software systems, more refined and specialized class management software is rising in importance. 

Class management software aids teachers in the daily running of their classrooms. An interesting additional feature of the software is that it allows teachers to track their students’ use of personal gadgets during class. As a result, and no surprise, this feature will reduce a student’s time spent on their gadgets for non-school-related tasks. Using class management software will help teachers function more efficiently and minimize commonplace distractions for students. 

Class Management Software For You

Since there has been an increase in the demand for this innovative software, there is currently an abundance of excellent choices on the market. Below you’ll find a list of some of the best class management software available today.

1. GoSchooler 

GoSchooler is an all-in-one class management software. Everything you need is compiled and streamlined into a single software. It is a cloud-based system that safekeeps all records and transactions done in all the classes in the entire school. 

The dashboard for class management provides an overview of several points of interest. Overviews for fees payment, admission inquiry, library transactions, and attendance tracking are laid out neatly next to each other. All the data are easy to comprehend and to translate to non-users of the software. 

It also has a window that contains the list of enrolled students under the class. Each name is partnered with icons which can be toggled by the teacher to track their attendance. Apart from attendance tracking, teachers upload study guides or activity files directly to the software. In doing so, the access is easier and more direct rather than sending the files individually through email.

2. Faronics Insight 

One major drawback when taking online classes is the lack of accessibility of one-on-one sessions during the course. Thankfully, a key feature of Faronics is the ability to schedule and conduct these special sessions. This feature is also what makes Faronics Insight an efficient tool in managing flexible classes. And as a bonus, teachers can directly communicate with IT experts whenever they run into technical problems.

Another key feature of this software includes one central channel that can control the use of distractions, such as web surfing, games, or instant messaging. Faronics Insight allows teachers to block or limit students’ access to any non-school-related browsers during class hours. This feature makes the organization and order of your digital classroom a priority. And last, screen sharing is easier for both teachers and students.

3. Jamf School

Although limited to Apple users, Jamf is an excellent class management application that proves convenience is a necessity. Connectivity among Apple gadgets, such as Mac and Apple TV, is seamless. For the teacher, it is easy to switch between checking on one student to another during assessments. It’s also possible to send individually crafted messages to each student at the same time. Lesson planning becomes easier with this application, too.

For the student, it is easier to receive and download reference books and other materials through iBooks. And when students are locked out of their accounts, teachers have the authority to log in to a student’s account from the application. More exclusive features are available for Jamf Pro users, too.

4. ProClass

This classroom management software is an all-around software. The software has a user-friendly dashboard that does not intimidate new users. Users enjoy its easy and hassle-free log-in process. ProClass puts data privacy on a pedestal, so users do not have to worry about any form of a security breach.

Teachers can track the details of students’ academic performance. When authorized, parents can also access the same data. Teachers do have the authority to regulate registration among both student and parent users. 

5. ClassCharts

If you are looking for management software that emphasizes behavioral factors, then give ClassCharts a try. A group of teachers who believed that an improved parent-teacher relationship is integral to a student’s success developed this software. With ClassCharts, real-time behavioral updates are possible. The teacher can easily make note of certain behavior and tag it as commendable or in need of remedy or demerit.  Collecting this type of data can help make parent-teacher consultations more relevant and solution-oriented.

Aside from this prominent feature, ClassCharts also offers a built-in system to determine the ideal seating arrangement for optimal learning and performance. And there is no such thing as forgotten assignments when using this software. The app has an online calendar where teachers can pin homework reminders and accessory links. This works to remind both students and parents of scheduled tasks every time they open the portal.

6. Behavior Manager

Behavior Manager is another class management software that is most suited for teachers and institutions handling older students, such as senior high school students. Similar to ClassCharts, this software focuses more on behavior management rather than academic performance management.

With this application, students will no longer receive face-to-face penalties. They will, instead, have automatic demerits recorded for each school violation. The school will decide the fitting penalty corresponding to the student’s total demerits for any period. As a cloud-based application, all data is easily stored and retrieved through the History tab. As always, parents will always ask for and expect historical data when their child is facing disciplinary action at school. 

7. Alma

Alma is a comprehensive student information system (SIS). The goal of this software is to improve school operations by providing a seamless information system. With a user-friendly interface and experience, Alma was in the top 20 for school management software in 2019.

Analytics that are easy to understand by all users are processed and well-presented through the software. Student and class record data, and school administration and district data inform growth strategies and continued development.

8. RenWeb

Everything needed for efficient student and school management is in RenWeb. It is one of the most preferred management applications among private schools, offering better organizational and security features. Its comprehensiveness, online enrollment, and easy application make it a highly successful software. 

RenWeb also has an attendance tracker, an email system, and an online Gradebook feature. A portal for parents is also available. With these features, both parents and teachers will have an easier time managing tasks and expectations for student performance.

Parents can keep track of their child’s progress in the classroom, attendance, and any behavioral violations through the web portal. School announcements and fixed calendar activities are also available through the portal.


Traditional classroom management demands so much effort and endless patience from teachers. It almost seems impossible for a teacher to single-handedly manage it all anymore. Innovations in this software have proved to be an excellent tool in maximizing a school’s performance. Teachers, students, and parents will all benefit when you choose the best management software for your school. 

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