Automating even the simplest tasks is one of the trends today. Automation has many advantages in addition to doing these tasks faster. That is why different kinds of industries and sectors are now automating even the basic processes.

The education sector is one of these sectors. As we face a new age, manual labor is slowly being replaced even in educational institutions. Since creating exams or tests is one of the tasks that requires the most labor, schools are now venturing into an online exam builder.

An online exam builder is a tool or software that aims to automate the process of coming up with tests for students. Aside from making the work easier for teachers, an online exam builder also makes it more convenient for students.

An online exam builder may be a new concept in this cast technological options, so in this article, we will discuss the following:

  • General steps on creating an exam through the builder
  • Advantages of using an online exam builder

Steps in Creating an Online Exam

Since there are different types of online exam builders today, there are no definite steps to be followed. The process would depend on the software that you are using. Below is the general or most common phases when using the exam builder:

1. Determine Exam Coverage

Exams are meant to test the knowledge of students on certain topics or information. So, before you can create one, you should first define what topics you are going to focus on. This would help you save time once you start using the online exam builder.

2. Create Questions

After determining the coverage, you can now proceed with creating questions. The coverage of the topic at hand would guide you in coming up with relevant questions. This way, you can create an exam that properly evaluates the knowledge of the students.

In various online exam builders, there are different ways to add a new question to the database. Take, for example, GoScholer. This online exam builder allows you to keep or save your exam questions and later add them to the exams. 

Here is an example of how software allows you to save exam questions.

3. Create Exam and Set Parameters

Exam builders then allow you to create exams. When you set up an exam, details such as time duration, date, and for whom the exam is will be needed.

These types of details are important to keep everything organized. Always remember that the online exam builder is being used by everyone, thus, the system stores all exams from all levels. 

Putting the right test details on when creating an exam, would help you and your colleagues track the exams easier. A good online exam software also gives the option to save these tests as drafts while it is being polished. 

4. Add Questions to Exam Templates

Once your exam templates are accomplished with the right details, you can now start adding the eight questions. An online exam builder would link users to the pre-saved questions. This way, you can assign them to the right courses or subjects. 

5. Double Check Before Publishing

After adding all relevant questions, the exam is now set. But, always remember to double-check all details to avoid confusion and issues that may arise.

Most of us think that automating everything makes the results perfect. But, keep in mind that even if these tasks are automated, they still operate under human supervision. So, it is strongly recommended to double-check the exam before finally publishing it.

Once all details appear correct, you can now publish the exam immediately or at your desired time.

Advantages of an Online Exam Builder

Aside from making things faster, here are some of the other benefits of an online exam builder. 

Environmental Friendly

Since the online exam builder is done on the internet, the process removes the use of resources such as paper. Paper is one of the most used resources in school settings. But, as we are facing various environmental issues, trying to lessen our negative impacts on this world is highly recommended.

The online exam builder allows you to do everything online. Creating questions, setting up the exam, publishing tests, and even the exam proper can be done through this software. Students can also access and accomplish exams through the same software you used to create these tests.

Real-time Feedback or Result

In educational institutions, feedback is important as it helps students improve academically. The online exam builder provides results immediately after the exam. During the setting up stage, teachers can put the passing rate for that said test. This way, teachers can determine the overall results of the students after.

This feature helps educational institutions live up to their purpose of imparting knowledge to their students. This can help the school improve client satisfaction.

Improved Safety and Security

There are many channels where teachers can create or conduct online exams. However, these tools are not specifically meant for online exams. With online exam builders, you can make sure that services are directed in making the whale process of giving out an exam easier.

With this, online exam builders come with improved security both for the students and teachers. It helps protect the important personal information being put out on the internet. This way, all constituents can make sure that while they are taking the exam, their personal details are not being used in inappropriate transactions. 

No Exposure to Covid-19

Lastly, online exam builders erase the need for teachers and students to physically meet in classroom settings. This benefit is important, especially because we are currently in the middle of a pandemic.

Since teachers can now create and give exams online, the need to interact with their students is removed. This removes the risk of getting sick or transmitting the virus to others. 

Key Points

Different technologies aim to make school processes easier and more efficient. It is beneficial to institutions as it allows them to do more.

An online exam builder is a tool becoming popular because of its benefits. It is easy to use and it helps create a smoother relationship between teachers and students. So, it is highly recommended to use an online exam builder for future tests. 

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