Student Management System

Keep all your student data safe, secure, and easily accessible with our student management system. Designed to make it easy for students and parents to manage student records, keep track of school progress, and gain a complete overview of their education.

What is a Student Management System?

You can think of a student management system as an online database where all student records and data could be saved for access at any time. Whenever a student is enrolled at a school, a big part of the education process is tracking and managing performance.

GoSchooler streamlines school administration at educational institutions by eliminating time-consuming reporting tasks and making it simple to review student reports, performance, and attendance data from one online interface.

If you run an educational institution, our student management software is the perfect way to store all student data in one place. Our student information management system (SIS) offers complete digital data security. GoSchooler’s SIS software gives any school the ability to safely secure and easily access all data related to students, teachers, and faculty. The wide array of features provided makes GoSchooler the ultimate student management system.

The Student Management Software Your School Needs.

Improve your School Management

  • Streamline school administration.
  • Secure storage of reports, student information, and progress.
  • Simplify student tracking of grades, attendance, and performance.
  • Improve communication and educational outcomes.
  • Give parents peace of mind with full access to GoSchooler database.

Better student management is available for your school.

Enjoy a suite of features to improve student reporting and performance at your school.

Student Management FAQ

GoSchooler’s student management system is the most comprehensive software for schools to manage their students. Our development team spoke with teachers, students, and parents across the education system to ensure that we included all features necessary to track progress, improve education reporting, and ensure seamless communication across every school.

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