RFID Based Attendance System

Biometric attendance tracking ensures accurate attendance while reducing your teachers’ workload.

How our RFID Attendance system works

Manually recording student attendance on paper is a tedious and time-consuming task for any teacher, but it’s an essential aspect of running educational institutions. Automating the attendance process allows teachers to be more productive and focus their time on connecting with students and improving their classes. GoSchooler’s biometric RFID-based attendance system allows you to record attendance in real-time every day, with minimal effort. All that’s required are RFID tags and access control at your school.

Each student’s RFID tag can be connected to a student ID card or be a pin on their uniforms. That way, every time they pass through an attendance checkpoint RFID reader their presence will be recorded automatically in the GoSchooler system, making attendance management a breeze. All attendance data is stored seamlessly in our school ERP software for review whenever you need it. Each RFID reader is designed to fit seamlessly with your school or college.

We also offer biometric attendance tracking, which utilizes facial recognition technology or fingerprints on an LCD display to track attendance. This can be used for teachers and support staff as well, so all attendance at your school is always accounted for. Please be advised that all personal information is stored securely on our servers and that no outside person can access the data.

By improving your school’s attendance system and storing all data in one easy-to-use database, you give your educators the freedom they need to improve their communication, services, and programs.

GoSchooler’s RFID-Based Attendance System

Setting up RFID Towers at your School.

Radiofrequency identification technology is changing the way that schools control and monitors their attendance. GoSchooler’s automated solution provides an abundance of features to improve school operations and data tracking.

Once you’ve set up RFID towers at key entry and exit locations at your schools, it’s important to ensure that all students will need to carry their RFID card at all times, whether on their ID card or using pins on their uniforms. Then, once a student walks through an RFID tower, their attendance details will be saved on the GoSchooler system and a notification will be automatically sent to their parents. Students don’t need to do anything to record their attendance. By simply walking through the RFID tower, attendance is recorded in less than a second, allowing parents and faculty to always know where students are throughout the school day.

Tracking school attendance has never been easier, thanks to GoSchooler’s innovative attendance system.

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