School SMS Software

Communication is key to running any school or educational institution. GoSchooler’s school message software ensures a seamless connection between students, teachers, and parents.

School Collaboration at its Finest

With email functionality, a public notice board, and a combined school SMS software, and a fully integrated bulk SMS communication platform, GoSchooler allows everyone involved with a school to effortlessly send text messages, set reminders, send files, emails, and so much more.

Share Important Announcements & Alerts

Easily communicate with students, parents, and teachers about upcoming events, meetings, or alerts about your school using mobile bulk SMS, email, or the notice board. This is essential in the event of an emergency. GoSchooler ensures that every student, parent, and teacher at your institution is always tuned into what’s happening.

Better Learning Experience

Schools are nothing without the success of their students. In our digital world, an effective online communication platform is essential for any educational institution to see great results. GoSchooler allows for easy file sharing between students and teachers, and creates a more comprehensive learning environment for students to thrive.

Fun, Engaging Messaging System

Say goodbye to useless group emails or paper communication of the past. GoSchooler’s notice board, email tools, and SMS messaging system offer a user-friendly interface where students, parents, and teachers can communicate in an enriching way using posts, emojis, comments, file sharing, and more.

Real-Time Notifications

Send out bulk SMS notifications via text message whenever you need to contact members of your school. Messages will be sent directly to users’ phones in real-time, so all parents and students are informed whenever they need to be..

Cross Department Collaboration

Communicate with colleagues about an upcoming exam, improve services, share class notes, and more. Enjoy individual school department channels and a general channel for more bulk messaging. Better communication across your school = better workflow, better class management, and better learning for students.

GoSchooler Communication Software

GoSchooler provides a powerful array of communication tools in one, simple interface.

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