The complexity of school processes can require several management systems to fulfill diverse and specialized functions required by different departments. All-in-one school management systems can overwhelm and confuse users, with their many benefits often under-utilized.

This is where student record management systems can offer specific solutions. It has one focus only, thus making it easier to use. 

What is a student record management system?

A student record management system holds and organizes the primary database of the school. It helps track and manage student information, including grades, attendance records, and other supplementary data. 

Here are some of the best student record management systems out on the market today:


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Best student record systems

Here’s our list of the best school record systems.

  1. GoSchooler
  2. Edmatix
  3. Gradelink SIS
  4. My Student’s Progress
  5. Fedena
  6. iGradePlus
  7. feKara

1. GoSchooler

GoSchooler student record management system demo

GoSchooler is a cloud-based school management system that offers an excellent records management system. It has an organization system that is easy to navigate for all its users. Teachers can access the personal records of the students under their class. It lets them track their daily attendance and add notes for each student. 

GoSchooler student record system
GoSchooler student record system

As seen in the screenshot above, the details enclosed in box 1 contains drop-down options for the course/class that you are taking attendance of. On the other hand, the specific details of the chosen class are visible in box 2’s area. Name, ID number, and the day’s attendance is required. A notes box is also free to use.

Aside from that, staff from other departments can add notes or reminders under the student’s profile. It has a library tracker that provides information if a student borrowed a reference from the library. Due dates and the number of borrowed books are some of the data it presents. 

On top of all its features, GoSchooler is also fully customizable. The interface of this software can be customized to fit your current needs. If you want to focus on tracking your enrollee rate, you can set up the interface to highlight that data.

2. Edmatix 

Edmatix student record management system
Edmatix student record management system

With a user-friendly interface, Edmatix can prove beneficial for students, teachers, administrators, and parents. It manages and keeps secure all student-related data, such as academic records, attendance, and disciplinary actions. Students can also request and claim official school documents, such as transcripts and certifications, through this management system. 

Navigating from one feature to another is easy, even for non-frequent users of this system. The icons are large and customizable, as per the school’s preferences. Aside from that, this system is accessible anywhere there is a stable internet connection and through all major browsers. 

Gradelink SIS student record system
Gradelink SIS student record system

As a cloud-based system, Gradelink SIS can support and carry more data. It caters to the wide-ranging needs of different institutions, from preschools and school districts to dioceses. Although it is an all-in-one school management system, Gradelink SIS has a robust record management system. It makes attendance tracking easier for teachers as they can mark attendance and work directly through the software itself

Each student has a dedicated profile page with a section for the student’s academic record and another section showing basic demographic details. Tabs for other school features, such as counselling and medical needs, are also visible on the student’s profile page for easier navigation. 

This system is available as a mobile application, improving accessibility for all users.  

4. My Student’s Progress

My Student’s Progress student record management system

My Student’s Progress is another all-in-one school management system. It has a robust student record management system and deserves its spot on this list. This system is specially modelled for private schools and the senior high system.

More than that, My Student’s Progress includes twenty modules or features that can play a prominent role in all school functions, from a school’s enrollment process, down to its communication network. 

As for its role in the school’s communication network, this portal allows the school’s admin to send text messages to parents in urgent cases involving their children. And both parents and teachers can reference the student’s tracking log during conferences for up-to-date status reports. 

This system can also double as the school’s e-commerce website as they can sell school merchandise through this software. Each transaction can be easily linked with the student’s account and record.  

5. Fedena 

Fedena student record system
Fedena student record system

Fedena is the record management system for institutions with larger populations. The convenience that this system offers is recognized by schools all over the globe. For schools using this system, each student has a personal page that showcases their data. It shows reports on attendance, fees, and recent academic performance. A graph comparing the student’s performance to the class average is also present. 

This system is not only convenient for the school administration, but it is also friendly for parents. As a parent, you want to know how your child is progressing in class. With this app, you’ll find everything you need to know on a single page, and in real-time.

6. iGradePlus 

iGradePlus student record management system
iGradePlus student record management system

If you are looking for a more affordable choice, then check out iGradePlus. This system uses different modules to classify features. Each module is customizable according to the needs of the organization. Some modules or features include grade management or academic records, attendance monitoring, and disciplinary report regulation. Navigating from one module to another is also easy, as each tab is visible on the interface. 

This system benefits all its stakeholders, especially the teachers, administrators, and parents. It takes less time for teachers to track attendance. Administrators can track and secure the personal data of their students. With data privacy laws in force, all of these data are well protected within the cloud system. Lastly, parents can track their child’s performance and classroom conduct. 

7. feKara

Fekara student record management system
Fekara student record management system

This online cloud-based record management system is perfect for schools with smaller populations. All its features are free to use with certain limitations. There are subscription plans available that will upgrade the software to the premium version. As a student record management system, feKara offers solutions for many school processes. It streamlines the admissions process, and this tool will create new profiles and securely store new student data.

Students can use this system to view and make final adjustments to their class schedules. Teachers will post reminders about exams, activities, and assignments. A key feature of this system is that it can support any type of data that the school requires. And the system is multilingual, making it user-friendly for those learning English or non-native English speakers. 

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What is a student record management system?

A student record management system is an automated cloud-based or web-based software that stores and safe keep all relevant student-related data.

The system also stores data that is essential for several decision-making processes.

What are the benefits of student record management software?

Student record management software provides the following benefits:

1. Organize and safe keeps student records
2. Streamlines recordkeeping tasks
3. Restrict and manage data access for sensitive data among authorized users
4. Help keep track of an entire student population
5. Paperless
6. Less legwork for all users

What are the different types of student records?

There are five distinct types of student records that are recorded in a student record management system. These are personal, academic, disciplinary, attendance, and health records.

All these details are kept under strict confidentiality clauses with legal exceptions. Personal records can be disclosed to requesting parties under emergencies or after careful considerations.

Why are student records important?

Student records are one of the essential data sources used by school administrations to push through with making decisions.

A thorough analysis of the collective academic records can provide the administration insight into whether they should invest in new learning materials, hire more teachers, or integrate remedial classes during weekends.

Do schools keep records of past students?

In most cases, schools do keep records of their past students. However, there are certain parameters.

Schools mostly keep academic records that students usually request for years after leaving the institution. Moreover, schools also impose limits. For example, there are schools that keep records that are 15 years old, at most.

All data that are older than these are properly disposed of to make space for the new students.

How to check SEVIS record update?

You may get in touch with your designated school official or the authorized officer to check your Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) status.


With school management systems, teachers no longer need to rely on time-consuming and prone-to-error written documentation. Yes, acquiring and implementing a new system is a significant investment, but the investment has proven to be necessary. All stakeholders, including the school administration, the parents, and the students, will benefit. 

Student record management systems are a significant innovation today when almost everything is done online. From the enrollment process and the settling of school fees to the posting of grades and notifications of disciplinary actions, the improvements and benefits are many and evident. An example of the power of technology, when put to good use.

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