Generally known as fleet management, school bus tracking software is the next big thing in school management. 

How does a school bus tracking software work?

A relatively new addition to school management features, school bus tracking was only possible by integrating navigation systems into the software. Similar to how fleet management software systems work, the user is provided with real-time details regarding the whereabouts of each vehicle. 

The school administrator receives the details first-hand through the software’s site or mobile application for school bus tracking. Other users, such as parents and teachers, also have access to these details if they, likewise, have access to the software’s portal. 

Benefits of Using a School Bus Tracking Software

The purpose of this tracking software is relatively straightforward. It’s easy to understand why schools, especially those densely populated, will need this software in the coming years. 

However, if the general purpose isn’t enough to convince you, we have a list of the benefits that you will continuously reap when you start using this software. 

Real-time Updates 

Let’s circle back to the main and most obvious benefit that comes with using this tracking software. The primary users receive prompt updates. 

School administrators can use this data to know and be updated if all travels are safe and on time. It’s also one way to ensure that the school bus drivers are following the set route. 

For example, the bus driver uses an unregistered route; an SMS notification is automatically sent by the system as an alert. The system also prompts road accidents. In this manner, both the driver and the managing administrator can estimate their arrival time roughly. 

Parents also find this feature essential, especially when the software has a mobile app counterpart. If it does, they receive push notifications on their phones. It is highly convenient, and it doesn’t require extra effort from them. 

The software provides updates regarding the bus’ distance from the nearest bus stop—one of the pinned locations in the software’s navigation system. The update is similar to the updates from parcel and food deliveries. The updates are automated when the courier is near the location. 

The timely updates serve as estimates as to when the students should leave their homes and go to the nearest bus stop. In the same way, parents can also anticipate when their child will arrive from school because of the update. 

Transparent Records

This second benefit is a second-degree effect of the first listed benefit. 

The availability of timely updates makes the travel log details accessible and transparent to all parties. On top of these updates, the tracking software also generates consolidated reports. 

These reports contain more specific details, such as the vehicle’s identifying features, the driver’s records, and the task assignment. The task assignment details often have the number of students, assigned route, and estimated travel time. 

If in case accidents happen, authorities don’t have to gather the details of the victims personally. It is easy to track, generate, and produce the data set from the system. 

Saves Time

Lastly, another one of the most potent benefits of using a school bus tracking software is that it saves time for all users. 

School administrators don’t need to call or message each of the assigned drivers about their whereabouts. They can save the calls for urgent matters. On the flip side, the drivers can log in to the portal to know their task assignment. They can also use the GPS to navigate the routes if they are unfamiliar with the roads. 

Furthermore, parents can manage their schedules better. Because of the updates, they can manage their mornings and afternoons better. They can adjust appointments accordingly.  

Best School Bus Tracking Software Today 

By now, you must be thinking about which school bus tracking software is worth investing in. Worry not. We have the perfect list for you. 

1. GoSchooler

GoSchooler is a comprehensive all-in-one school management software that has a built-in transport management system. 

Under GoSchooler’s transport management feature, the following features are available: 

  • Transport routes, 
  • Vehicle list, 
  • Transport master, and 
  • Bus tracking.

The following features make fleet management more manageable. In one tab, you can add and manage all the transport routes. You can even add a route title for better organization. 

On the other hand, another tab presents the list of all available vehicles. GoSchooler’s Vehicle tab provides the vehicle’s model, availability of insurance, and driver details. It shows the driver’s details but is limited to the name and contact number only. 

The transport master feature is the main task assignment window. In this feature, the user can easily recognize which driver is assigned to what route. Drivers can also access the portal to see their assignments. 

Lastly, the bus tracking feature speaks for itself. The only ones who can access this feature are those who are granted additional access—for safety purposes. School administrators, in particular, keeps track of the bus routes using this portal. 

2. TrackSchoolBus

Track School Bus is a cloud-based school bus tracking solutions software. It uses GPS tracking to ensure the safety and security of the students during school travels. Furthermore, this app provides real-time updates regarding the school bus’ location to parents and school authorities. 

As a matter of fact, Track School Bus comes in a wide variety of mobile applications. It has different versions for parents, school bus attendants, fleet managers, and teachers. 

Aside from providing fleet management for schools, it also caters to school districts and a more specialized transport service for little children. 

3. Here Comes The Bus

Here Comes The Bus also comes by the name of Bus Guardian. This software provides a handful of solutions. One of its most notable ones is the pre and post-trip inspection. The state of the school bus is inspected every before and after a trip. As such, this added level of inspection ensures that all trips are safe. 

All observations are then noted in the software’s comparative analysis feature. Its output is a comprehensive report of the fleet’s activities, from the inspections to the number of stops made during the trip. 


Why do schools need school bus tracking software? 

Schools need school bus tracking software to manage resources efficiently, ensure safe school travels, and provide parents with peace of mind. 

How does school bus tracking work?

School bus tracking is possible by installing GPS devices inside the vehicle. The devices are registered to the tracking software, thus, detecting the vehicle’s movements in real-time. 

Final Words

School bus tracking is the next big thing for school management. This tracking software provides an added sheet of protection for the students and the school. 

The real-time location tracking of the school buses ensures that the school’s resources are properly managed. Aside from that, it assures the parents that their children are safe even if they aren’t around to protect them. The added feature of push notifications further placates their worry during their child’s travel period. 

If you haven’t invested in one yet, what are you waiting for? 

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