It’s an undeniable fact that quality education is expensive. Parents save considerable sums every year to send their children to school. Most even apply for loans and opt for manageable payment arrangements. 

To help, almost all schools provide several payment options that allow parents to pay off chunks of the total tuition fee in several months. On top of the tuition fee, there are also other payables that parents need to take care of to maximise their child’s academic experience. 

With the bulk of payables, financial management can be tricky. Anyone can lose track of which fees are already paid and which have looming deadlines. 

The situations are unavoidable, but schools can quickly remedy them. Schools can set up automated fees reminder messages. And we have the perfect message templates for you. You only need to copy and paste these messages to your bulk SMS software, and you are good to go. 

Fee Reminder SMS Templates

Following are the best fee reminder message templates for parents.

  1. For upcoming payment deadline
  2. For unpaid payments
  3. For overdue outstanding balance
  4. For additional school fees
  5. For school-administered events that require payment
  6. For solicitation reminders

1. For Upcoming Payment Deadline

Upcoming payment deadline message
Upcoming payment deadline message

Fees reminder SMS samples for this situation is a must-have for all schools, especially those that offer monthly payment arrangements. 

This message reminds the parents to pay for the monthly tuition due. It must contain the essential details, including the name of the student, the due date, and the name of the institution. Including the amount may be too much work. 

It can be as simple as this: 

“Good day. This is the monthly reminder from “Name of the institution” that “Name of Student”’s tuition fee is due on “Due date”. Thank you!”

Or, you might like this more extended version better. 

“Dear Parents. This is a gentle reminder that your child’s monthly tuition fee payment is due on the “due date”. Please attend to this matter as soon as you possibly can. Thank you very much.”

You can also choose to add more details to carry the image of your school. 

2. For Unpaid Payments 

Unpaid payments message
Unpaid payments message

Another fee reminder SMS sample must-have is to remind payers of unpaid payments. This message template can be the same as the upcoming deadlines template, but it needs additional essential detail. 

For these cases, the message must convey the difference between the current date and the due date. You don’t need to state the number of months explicitly. You can deliver the same message in other ways. 

Take this sample, for example. 

“Dear Mr/s. 

We are relaying this message as a reminder of an unpaid monthly tuition fee due on “due date”. It is now “present date”, and we are yet to process your payment. Please settle your account as soon as possible. Thank you”

Another way of stating this reminder to get the message across is to include a sanction, to put it lightly. 

We can use the same message template as above and add the texts in the bold typeface. 

“Dear Mr/s. 

We are relaying this message as a reminder of an unpaid monthly tuition fee due on “due date”. It is now “present date”, and we are yet to process your payment. Please settle your account as soon as possible, or your child won’t be allowed to take the final examinations. Thank you.”

The additional statement stating the sanction will add an air of urgency to the message, encouraging instant action from the reader.

3. For Overdue Outstanding Balance 

Overdue outstanding balance message
Overdue outstanding balance message

Now, let’s move on to message templates for outstanding balances. These balances don’t only refer to unpaid tuition fees. They can also refer to additional payables, such as for school resources and amenities. 

One of the most common features with the most outstanding balances at the end of the year is library services. Several students pile up library dues for unreturned books or damaged books. 

This reminder might shock most parents because their children didn’t bother to tell them. This non-disclosure makes this reminder template even more necessary than usual. 

Use this template for good measure. 

“Dear parent. This is “name of school”’s Library Services. This is to inform you that your child, “name of the child”, has an outstanding library balance of “amount” for “state reason”.

For situations similar to the one pictured in the template, it’s better to provide context and more information to provide the whole image to the reader. 

Leaving the parents in the dark for details for circumstances that they possibly don’t have any idea about is a big mishap for your part. 

4. For Additional School Fees

Additional school fees message
Additional school fees message

Additional school fees refer to the extra payments awarded during the academic year. One of the most common examples is the graduation fees. 

For some schools, a graduation fee is listed under the overall tuition. But, there are additional fees that need to be completed before the graduation ceremony. These fees often include rentals of graduation gowns, among others. 

We have the perfect fee reminder SMS sample for this situation too. 

“Dear parents. Congratulations on your child’s graduation! We’re reaching out to remind you of the remaining balance for your child’s graduation gown that should be paid on “insert due date”. Please settle this account on or before the deadline to avoid delays. Thank you!”

Unlike the previous messages that serve as mere reminders, this text is more emotionally appealing to carry out the event’s mood. 

5. For School-administered Events that Require Payment 

Message for school-administered events that require payments
Message for school-administered events that require payments

Stage plays, mini-concerts, and other gatherings have instances where an admissions fee is required. Additional payment is often needed when the event is open to the public, and attendees need tickets to enter the event. 

Days before the ticket distribution, it is the perfect time to send a fee reminder message.

You can copy-paste this message template.

“Dear Mr/s. The “name of event” tickets are finally ready. Please pay the total amount on or before “due date” to get the tickets on time. Thank you for the support. and see you on the day!”

It’s also better to add an emotional pull to the message because these events often promote fostering relationships between the school’s stakeholders. Aside from that, most of these events are also student-led under the school’s supervision, so it must also show in fee reminder texts.


6. For Solicitation Reminders

solicitation reminder message
Solicitation reminder message

Aside from the annual tuition fees, solicitations and donations add a considerable sum to the school’s overall budget. School-managed solicitation drives often happen at the year-end to prepare for the following year.

You can use this template if you aren’t sure what you need to say to your dear donors. 

“Dear, Mr/s. “add the family name”,

Another school year has ended seamlessly because of your gracious help. We are beyond grateful for your previous donation and your promise to donate for this year as well. 

We’ve set the last day of processing donations on “mention due date”. As per the usual, you can send your contributions to the school’s bank account: “mention school account details”. You can contact the school secretary if you encounter any difficulties, we are ready to help. 

Once again, thank you very much for investing in our institution and our students.” 

Albeit longer than usual, this message needs extra attention for the right reasons. In these circumstances, you are not in the position to demand. 

As usual, you can add details to the message to make it more on brand. 

Take It Easy!

With an all-in-one school management software, you can use these SMS samples with ease.

Take GoSchooler as an example. This management software offers a send bulk SMS option where you can choose your target recipients and paste and edit the template in the message box.

You can watch this video as a reference.


What can I use to substitute, “A gentle reminder…”?

If you don’t want to start your fees reminder messages with, “A gentle reminder…”, you can always label your messages as high priority texts.

You can start your messages with a simple and straightforward, “This is an urgent reminder that your pending fees are due on…”

How to write a fees reminder message?

You have the liberty on how to write a fees reminder message. However, you need to consider that it should contain the following elements: purpose of the message, purpose of the payment, amount, and due date.

As long as your message has these essential elements, it is effective enough to demand action from the recipient.

How do you remind students to pay fees?

Dear _______, kindly consider this letter as a gentle reminder for the payment of your tuition fees installment which is due on [date]. The amount to be paid in the upcoming installment is [amount]. It is requested to kindly pay the dues before the said date to avoid any additional charges. We look forward to your timely response and action.


Constant communication between the school and parents is a need. It doesn’t matter if the messages are mere payment reminders. Parents expect the school to reach out to them. 

So, make sure to stock up on message templates to send prompt reminders and alerts to all the awaiting parents. Keep these fee reminder samples handy. You’ll be needing them at any time during the course of an entire school year. 

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