It’s easy to forget that schools are not always not-for-profit educational institutions. They can also be business enterprises that require proper management to continue their day-to-day operations. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems are increasingly in demand to better manage the major financial and operational challenges schools are facing.  

Enterprise resource planning software is the primary tool used by school administrations to manage several key operations, such as accounting, risk management and compliance, and project management. It also tracks supply procurement and supplies chain operations. When done manually, these tasks are time-consuming and prone to human error. 

To further acquaint you with ERP software currently on the market, we have listed below our top five recommendations:

Best ERP Software for Schools 

1. GoSchooler

School enterprise resource planning is made easier with GoSchooler. This school management software is cloud-based making it an ideal tool for storing large quantities of data. Additionally, it provides the most comprehensive set of cloud-based tools that are used during the entire planning method. 

In its user-friendly interface, a section is allocated for the ERP features alone. These features vary from one school to another as it allows full customization. The aim of providing the user the full autonomy of customizing the features is to align them with the specific needs of the school. May it be for the entire school, specific classes, or security needs, GoSchooler is the perfect organization tool for your enterprise planning

2. jiSchoolERP

jiSchoolERP is a cloud-based software that is an effective school operation management tool. As it is accessible as a web app, its interface is client-friendly. It is simple to navigate, and all the tabs for features are easily visible. 

This web app focuses on the different facets of school management. It has a feature for employee and staff management. It also supports facilities management, which is an online tool counterpart for inventory management. Besides keeping track of these details, jiSchoolERP also secures student data.  

It has a library management feature that keeps track of different types of library transactions. Parents can access this data through the parent’s portal. The portal allows them to view their child’s academic progress and the results of any assessments completed by the student. 

3. Edisapp School Management ERP

If you are looking for a more flexible ERP software, get your hands on the Edisapp school management ERP. It is 100% fully customizable with comprehensive features on the market. This app caters to schools and makes use of and integrates school brand applications to provide their users with a better experience. 

Furthermore, this software prioritizes the security and protection of all its stored data, including students’ profiles, faculty and staff profiles and schedules, and school analytics. This software is a capable tool in aiding the school’s admission process by registering the student’s information directly into the system. 

The system also streamlines different major academic processes. This is the portal where teachers can post their assignments, projects, online exams, and results of assessments. Edisapp has an accompanying mobile application for easy access by parents. 

The mobile app becomes the main channel of communication between the school and the parents. Portals can host the announcements, and the software can automate email and message blasts for everyone. 

4. Clobas

The primary mission of Clobas is to support the growth of academic institutions through efficient operations management. The benefits of proper management translate to efficiency in services. 

Clobas covers all the essential school operations, from enrollment and scheduling to classroom and behavior management. An application as comprehensive as Clobas is for schools that want to centralize their operations. This is perfect for users who want to skip the complications in using different specialized systems. 

Moreover, Clobas has features that manage different school-wide activities such as fundraisers. It is an effective tool in managing the income and expenses in these events. And this software tracks and organizes cafeteria and library scheduling and transactions. This is also the perfect tool to oversee the specific activities for both special education and the K-12 system. 

5. Entab

Entab’s ERP software connects parents, teachers, school administrators, and students on a single platform. They make this claim on their official website and they do deliver.  

This software finds the perfect balance between ERP and school management. Its features include a wide array of operations management functions, including student registration and library management. It also provides an organized system for the school’s human resource tasks, most especially for its payroll system

It is already a given that Entab’s ERP secures student data. Using this data, the software can also support classroom management, attendance tracking, and scheduling. This app also recognizes the importance of communication and can be configured to send automated emails on specific schedules. 

When it comes to information accessibility, Entab allows its users to place privacy limits on content. For general information such as announcements or test results, everyone has the authority to access this sort of information. However, for sensitive information, such as finances or sensitive personal data, only those authorized will have access. The software has measures in place to verify the authority of the user. 

6. Oracle NetSuite ERP

Oracle NetSuite is an established brand among ERP software. It is a cloud-based system that streamlines back-office processes. Its primary function is in managing accounting tasks among its school clients. Specifically, the software specializes in the following features: financial and asset management, expense tracking, and email integration. 

With the email integration feature, all transactions are recorded in real-time and the involved parties receive email notifications. Records of these transactions are visible on the software’s main dashboard. 

As for the financial and asset management feature, the school’s monthly financial status is well-represented in graphs. The graphs will show comparison values between the present month’s financial picture and the previous month’s performance. School administration can use this software to view and compare income and expenses for any period.

And during designated payment schedule periods, invoices can be generated and recorded, thus streamlining tasks for the school’s accounting staff.


Why do schools need ERP software?

The main reason why schools need ERP software is that it boosts the organization’s efficiency. The different stakeholders spend more time doing what they need to do, rather than focusing on tasks that help them carry out their primary tasks.

What is the ideal database for ERPs?

The ideal database for school ERPs is the programs that use SQL as their main programming language.


Enterprise resource planning is an integral part of a school’s success, just as with any other business in any industry. Careful planning and management allow school operations to function without a hitch, or at least keep them to a minimum! With the abundance of operational tasks to be timely and accurately completed, ERP specifically made for schools is rising in demand. 

Aside from the comforts and convenience that come together with automated processes, schools depend on their extra measure of safety and security for confidential data and records. Most of these software systems are cloud-based, thus data protection and retrieval are easier and more reliable. Work smart and invest in the perfect ERP software for your school.  

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