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It is only natural that businesses always strive to remain profitable. These businesses would cease to exist if they are not gaining profit from operations. That is why various tools are incorporated to make business processes more efficient. One of the most helpful tools today is the vehicle transport management system.

In this article, we will talk about the vehicle transport management system.

What is a Vehicle Transport Management System?

First, let us define this tool and what it does for an organization.

The vehicle transport management system is a type of enterprise resource planning or ERP. This refers to the types of software that are used to manage the daily activities of an organization.

According to Investopedia, an ERP is a helpful tool in resource planning and helping organizations integrate all processes. This tool can help organizations run their operations by automating basic tasks. This system can also include operations planning, inventory management, sales, marketing strategies, finances, human resources, communication, and more. 

So, the vehicle transport management system is a system that is usually a part of a much more comprehensive tool. This feature handles the logistics handling aspect of the software. It can be used to manage and track the movement of goods or even the stakeholders in an organization.

For example, shipping companies can use this to track their outgoing and incoming shipments. They can use this tracking information to relay details to their customers. Aside from helping create a smoother flow of businesses, the vehicle transport management system helps organizations improve customer satisfaction.

Some of the industries that use the vehicle transport management system are as follows:

  • Manufacturing
  • Education Sector
  • Distributors or Retailers
  • Logistics Companies

Below are examples of software that offer vehicle transport management services.


This vehicle transport management system offers a cloud-based solution. Their services include connecting all branches of your business and updating them in real-time.

It tracks real-time consignment movement so that business owners can stay on top of their shipments and deliverables. It also generates MIS reports each second. They offer less employee dependency as their system can handle transport operations.

Their system provides real-time notifications through WhatsApp, SMS, or email. These notifications can be booking, loading, or arrival notices. This way, clients are always informed regarding their items.

On top of all this is multi-facet security. Fleetable has multi-layered security measures that include user login, secured data transmission, and browser-based user authentication. 


This vehicle transport management system is incorporated into school management software. GoSchooler is mainly used for educational institutions. It is used to automate school services such as enrollment, classes, attendance checking, library, communication, and even payroll servicing.

This vehicle tracking system gives the teachers, parents, and guardians the information regarding each school bus or vehicle. It gives details about the vehicle’s make, license plate, and route. Each school vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracking system making it easier for everyone to know the real-time location.

Tracking is even made more accessible through GoSchooler’s mobile application. Parents, guardians, and teachers can receive updates through the app. They can also track the vehicles using this mobile access.

Here is an image of how this tracking system looks.

vehicle transport management

GSM Tasks

This transport management system promises to remove issues such as inefficient driving routes, high fuel costs, and even customer dissatisfaction.

GSM Tasks can automatically create an optimized route for your drivers. This removes the need for manual routing which eats up one’s time. This routing feature also allows users to include photos as proof of delivery to clients.

Its automated routing feature helps drivers create a delivery plan that can help companies save on fuel and efforts. Each delivery address would be mapped in a way that costs are utilized efficiently. It also removes the need for admin personnel to create the same route from scratch as it can update this information automatically.

Further, it produces reports that allow clients to track the data that they need. This includes the time of completion, average deliveries made, and cost per delivery.

Advantages of Having a Vehicle Transport Management System

Lower Costs

Organizations incorporate a vehicle transport management system because it can help them cut down on operational costs. This is done by optimizing load and routes per transaction.

Take, for example, a company that distributes to retailers. These companies can deliver the same amount of goods with lesser resources. Through the vehicle transport management system, companies can plan vehicle loads and routes more efficiently. Optimized or carefully planned routes can help companies save fuel consumption. 

More Efficient and Improve Productivity

This is possible as a vehicle transport management system handles incoming and outgoing deliveries. This way vehicles can be tracked properly. This system leaves little room for error in the transaction.

The deliveries or trips can be done smoothly and continuously, increasing the efficiency of operations and the company’s productivity in general.

In a school setting, accurate transportation services are important to keep the children safe. That is why a transportation management system is also integrated into school systems. 

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Last but not least is improving customer satisfaction. As mentioned, this tool helps create a smoother and more efficient flow of operations.

For example, in the school system, buses use this tool to know the best possible way when dropping off children. These routes ensure that children can get to their destinations faster.

But the system does not only help in creating faster routes, it also helps in ensuring that children are safe while still traveling. The real-time notifications parents receive can help them feel at ease. This way, more parents or guardians will feel satisfied with a school’s service.

When it comes to other industries, customer satisfaction is increased because they are also given access to the status of their deliveries. These feature scans make them feel at ease while waiting for the items.


What are the common services of a vehicle transport management system?

The common services or features of this tool are vehicle tracking and creating routing plan. Some software may also include sending notifications to clients and rea;-time GPS tracking.

In what business is this beneficial?

This system or software can used in any field or industry. The manufacturing industry makes us of this to track their shipments. While the education industry can make sue of this by tracking school buses.

Major Points

A vehicle transport management tool provides many advantages. That is why organizations from different industries or fields incorporate this into their operating systems.

It can help both the organization and its clients track shipments. It can also create a better route for companies to save on costs. And for clients to be more satisfied with the fast transaction.

That being said, choose a management system that offers a variety of features at a practical rate.

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