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Human resource management is the driving force of organizations across industries. Whether it is the service industry or the education industry, a quality workforce is a definite competitive edge. 

For multi-faceted organizations, such as schools, human resource tasks are often pushed to the back burner. It usually comes as a no-brainer that they prioritize student-centric programs. To ensure that employee-centric tasks are moderated regularly, it is better to invest in Human Resource (HR) software systems. 

What is a Human Resource Software?

Human resource software automates all HR-focused tasks. Most of the time, it is a cloud-based software that stores and retrieves data that concerns the workers or employees of specific organizations. 

HR software for schools takes over the management of all the employees, from the administrative office down to the rank and file employees. Subsequently, HR software is also divided into different facets. 

Employee Management 

Human Resource software has automated systems and tools that aid in employee management. Employee management covers compensation and benefits and attendance management. 

Under the compensation and benefits, there are more streamlined processes. One such example is the regulation of employee benefits. Unlike employee compensation that follows a defined pay ladder, benefits have several considerations. Sample considerations include tenure and role. 

The role of HR software for the mentioned definition is to provide a list of all the benefits that an employee is eligible for. Way back, for employees to know this information, they personally need to approach the assigned HR staff who tracks these data using a manual tracker. As we all know, manual input of data is prone to mistakes that may limit the rights of the employees. 

Employee Enhancement and Training 

Another reason why the workforce is an unparalleled advantage is that it isn’t a static resource. 

The longer a teacher or school employee stays in your organization, the more beneficial they are to you. They continue to learn for their students. As a result, they become organic assets since they are recognized as an extension of the organization. 

One of the ways to nurture a quality workforce is to enhance their skills and let them grow in the work environment. This is one of the many other facets of human resource management. 

With an HR software system, it’s easier for the school to assign and conduct training sessions for the teachers. One of the essential training sessions today is on digital literacy. With the pressing need for different online learning modalities, HR software is one of the prime examples of how going digital makes remote learning manageable. 

Sourcing and Record-Keeping 

From employee engagement and enhancement, it goes without saying that HR software also automates another primary facet: sourcing and record-keeping. 

It’s impossible to separate HR with the term sourcing or employment. The human resources department sorts through several applications every day to develop a shortlist of the ideal employees for the company. This arduous process also means another thing: piles of paperwork. 

An excellent HR software for schools must have an organized system for easier navigation. The user must be able to access and view files within a few minutes, instead of spending more than 10 minutes just to find a single document. 

In this manner, it inevitably speeds up the sourcing process because all of the needed data are already in a single database. It’s convenient for the organization and employees. 

The teachers can also use this system to check details about their employment. They can check their employment status and leave credits. Additionally, they can also use this software to see the position and credentials of other school employees. 

Now that we know what excellent HR software for schools is supposed to be, here are some of our recommended software systems. 

Best HR Software for Schools

1. GoSchooler 

When you’re looking for comprehensive school software, you must consider GoSchooler. It is an all-in-one school management software that has a wide array of features for HR management. 

Its offerings go above and beyond. It includes employee attendance tracking, leaves management, and performance appraisal. Using the software, teacher’s can access the results of the performance appraisal tests from superiors, peers, and students. And as we all know, performance appraisal is one of the most important criteria to measure a teacher’s performance. 

GoSchooler is an efficient comprehensive tool for the teachers as well. It lets them store and retrieve all types of data about their students in the software’s cloud storage. It’s a win-win situation for all the school’s stakeholders really. 

2. Oracle

Oracle is a global brand that offers several services. Oracle Cloud offers specialized programs for both students and human resources. Its human resource offerings are further segmented into more streamlined programs, such as talent management, workforce rewards, and workforce management. 

If you want a more global and rigid approach to your human resource management, you might want to consider this.

3. PeopleAdmin

Despite being framed particularly for higher education management, PeopleAdmin offers an extensive human resource management system. Like GoSchooler, PeopleAdmin has particular features for faculty information and performance management. 

But because it focuses on higher education, it has particular features that are necessary for high-calibre professors as well, such as continued professional development and learning. This is an excellent continuous learning program for teachers who want to provide the best quality of education for their students. 


What are the three main types of HR software?

The following are the different main types.
1. Human Resource Information System (HRIS) which focuses on recording and safekeeping employee records
2. Human Capital Management (HCM) which focuses on the main functions of human resources
3. Human Resource Management System (HRMS) which focuses on the flow of HR management systems to provide the best service possible.

Who are the primary users of HR software systems?

Anyone can benefit from this system, but the prime users are the HR manager and employees, team manager, and, of course, the employees.

Final Words

It is undeniable that an organization’s workforce is one of its main competitive advantages. As such, it falls on the organization to take proper care in the selection and management of such. Investing in a human resource software system is one of the most basic ways to carry out the necessary steps to cultivate your school’s human resources. 

Whether you want to invest in a streamlined human resources software or considering a more comprehensive school management system, always remember that you are investing for the welfare of your employees. Make the wise decision! 

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