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Changing times require changing methods in our daily tasks. As things around us change, we must adapt to them to be able to keep up. 

The pandemic caused by Covid-19 has brought a lot of changes to the things that we do. Governments prohibited physical interaction, affecting things such as shopping, work, and classes.

New methods, such as using online classroom software, were introduced to keep up with these changes. 

Different technological advancements have made it easier for us to adapt. These advancements were able to bridge or solve the issue of not being able to physically interact with each other.

Online shopping is more popular than before. Online classroom software is also now more in demand.

These technologies help us compensate for the lack of physical interaction. It bridges different groups of people and different institutions. These have made continuity possible for everyone.

In the Education Sector

The education sector was one of the most affected sectors when the pandemic hit. It has changed this sector to a great level. Classrooms are now empty, and the classes have been halted for a while.

This sector was able to adapt by conducting classes through online forums. Through tools such as online classroom software, the education sector was able to keep up with the changing situation.

There are different online platforms for classes in the market. These platforms aim to provide continuity to the education sector. They serve as the connection between educators and students in times like this.

When choosing an online classroom software, it is important to choose the best that would be able to address your needs. So, here is a guide in choosing one. 

What to Consider When Choosing an Online Classroom Software?

1. Class Needs

Your top priority when choosing an online classroom software is your needs as an institution and the needs of your constituents.

First, define what your school needs. Would you need software that is able to record classes? Do you need software that allows you to schedule classes or live sessions?

Here are some of the questions that you can answer to help you determine your demands.

Second, define your students’ needs

Always remember that the software would be a two-way thing. Your students or audience must also be able to find it beneficial. This way, it can be an effective tool for all users.

2. Easy to Use

When choosing an online classroom software, choose the one that is the easiest to use. The software must have a friendly user interface.

Always remember that we have different technology literacy. Not everyone can easily navigate these platforms.

So, the best choice is the one that one can easily learn how to use. Complicated software will become more of a barrier than a helping tool if your users cannot find their way around it. 

3. Mobile or Tablet Support

There are different kinds of available devices today. So, you have to consider the different devices being used by both sides.

This feature is more popularly known as responsiveness. Software is more accessible if it is responsive to different devices and operating systems. Users, such as students and teachers, would be able to access the class no matter what device they are using. 

It is important to put accessibility into consideration, especially in times like this. Not everyone has the luxury to buy new gadgets just to be able to attend classes. Users should be able to access software across all devices and types of systems is better than those with limited access. 

4. Allows Scheduled and Live Classes

The software should also allow scheduled classes or live sessions. Scheduled classes help educators keep track of their students. The feature that would allow teachers to map their classes is an effective organization tool.

online classroom software
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While live classes help in the process of learning, studying online is still very different from physical student-teacher interaction. There may be a lot of hindrances that can cause confusion on the students’ part.

So, a teacher should be able to help his or her students in face-to-face sessions using live classes or video conferencing. Video conferences further help in bridging the gap in today’s learning methods. It can help lessen the issues arising from the lack of face-to-face learning.

5. Comes With Different Tools

When choosing classroom software, you should also consider the extra features it comes with. These extra features or tools make it easier to teach. These tools can also aid the students to have a better grasp of what is being presented.

Tools such as an online whiteboard, marker, and recorder are helpful in making an online class effective. A whiteboard and marker can help a mentor further explain the topic at hand.

The recorder feature allows students to have extra material even after the session. They can review the said session and keep the said recorded lecture. This way, educators won’t have to create a separate video explaining the lessons.

GoSchooler provides tools such as whiteboard, screen sharing, and video conferencing. These make it easier for both parties to conduct online classes and discussions.

6. Offers Free Training

Lastly, you should consider getting classroom software that offers free training to both the teachers and students. This way, you can maximize the features of the said software.

Although these platforms offer basically the same services, it is important to know the full capacity of your tool. You can create a more effective learning environment when you can utilize every use of your educational tools. 

Benefits of Online Classrooms

Now that you know how to choose the right classroom software, let us discuss the benefits of conducting an online class. 


An online classroom offers flexibility in schedule. Online courses do not usually impose a fixed schedule on students as they can attend whenever they want to.

The advantage of learning with the help of technology is being able to access the materials anywhere you are. So, the pressure of getting up and going to classrooms is removed in online classes.


Setting up devices for an online class may seem more expensive than the usual resources for traditional classes. But, online classes remove the need to spend on gas or commute fees in the long run.

Online classes also require fewer school supplies as you can find everything in online classroom software. So, an online class is more affordable and more practical in the long run compared to physical classes.

Control Over Your Environment

Online classes also offer you control over your learning environment. Unlike classrooms wherein, you will have to make the given space work for you.

An online class gives you the freedom to set up your working or learning space. You can customize your space into something that will help you teach or learn better. 

Comfortability is important, especially in learning. Uncomfortable spaces hinder the learning capacity of students. It may also hinder teachers from being able to teach effectively. 

Learns How to Manage Time

In this kind of setting, it also helps both the teachers and students to learn how to manage their time. Since there will be less supervision, both parties will be forced to work on their own to be able to keep up.

This promotes accountability, especially for students. Online classes help them learn how to be accountable for their actions. That is because there would be no one to oversee them as often as in traditional classes. 

Promotes Inclusivity

Going to traditional classes may not be accessible to everyone. For example, people with physical disabilities may not be able to do the daily travels to go to classes. So, the traditional setup was not for everyone.

But, as we introduce online classroom software, we allow persons with disabilities to access these classes as well. They will also be able to access these sessions from the comforts of their home. 

This kind of feature promotes inclusivity. This opens equal opportunities to PWDs and levels their learning chances to others. Online classes will be able to solve this problem and lessen school discrimination. 

Improved Technical Skills

Online classes expose students to technologies all day long. This exposure will help them improve their technical skills. They can navigate and explore these platforms and learn new ways on how to utilize them.

Being literate on these kinds of tools is important as it is one of the essential skills today. These tools are widely used not just in the education sector. So, being knowledgeable in them gives the students an edge or advantage over others.

Easier Communication

Online classroom software also serves as a communication channel between the students and the teachers. This way, feedback, and comments can be given immediately.

In the education sector, feedback is important as it gives the students time and opportunity to improve themselves and their work. GoShooler offers a channel where teachers and students can communicate with each other seamlessly. 

In GoSchooler, you will be able to collaborate with other departments smoothly. It also offers real-time communication to speed up the feedback process. The SMS messaging feature makes communication even easier and more accessible. 


What is responsiveness?

Responsiveness is the ability of a software or website to load on different devices. A good website or software should be accessible on laptops, desktops, and even mobile phones.

Being responsive means, it allows access from all kinds of gadgets.

Is online school better than traditional classes?

In today’s situation, online classes is the better option. Both methods have disadvantages but considering the current state, it’s better to prioritize safety and efficiency.

What kind of online classroom software should I get?

There are different variations of software in the market. The best one for you is the one that meets all your needs as an educational institution.

GoSchooler offers services that try to solve problems for all stakeholders.

Main Takeaways

We can only keep up in a fast-changing world if we try to adapt to the new things around us. In the educational sector, various advancements are being introduced to be able to adapt to the new normal.

One way to address the world problems we have today is through online classroom software. These kinds of technology or tools allow and provide continuity of learning despite the current situation.

There are various versions available in the market. It is strongly recommended that you choose software that addresses your needs as an educational institution. Choose one that provides convenience not only for the mentors but for the students as well. 

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