Finding the best online attendance systems for schools means you have to understand what you need in the first place. Are you looking for a simple app that can help you track the attendance of your students? Are you only concerned about automating attendance checking? Or, would you prefer to have other online attendance tools at your disposal?

In this article, we’re going to talk about multiple systems. They all function very well and are the best online attendance systems for schools in their own right.

Let’s find out which one is the best for you.

1. GoSchooler

GoSchooler is an online school management system that uses cloud-based automation tools to help you manage your school. With GoSchooler at your disposal, you’ll be able to do all of this in any part of the world.

Attendance is taken efficiently through RFID for students and biometric tracking for faculty. Since both of these processes are automated, it’s fast, easy, convenient, and you get to save the environment by using less paper. 

An automated approach to attendance also gives more accurate records of what time the students come to school and what time they leave. In case of unfortunate circumstances, the school has proof and account of what time the student came in and out of the school. It gives the parents an idea of whether accidents happen inside or outside school premises.

GoSchooler also offers a way for your school to manage and store all student information and any other data that concerns them online. This makes it easier for the teachers and the admin to collaborate without needing to meet each other face to face.

Aside from admin-teacher collaboration, GoSchooler also made sure to make parent-teacher communication quick and easy. With this feature, it’s easier for teachers to give progress reports to parents. 

It’s also now easier for parents to know where their children are when they send them to school via the official school bus. This is because GoSchooler offers an intuitive mobile application that makes it easy for parents to track bus routes every day. This increases safety and security and offers reassurance to the parents that their kids are in good hands.

Finally, GoSchooler also makes a lot of admin processes seamless and convenient. Some of these processes are the following:

  • Admissions management,
  • Online fee payment processing,
  • Form generation,
  • Pre-admission,
  • CRM features, and more.

GoSchooler is one of the best online attendance systems for schools because it offers more than just automating attendance. It offers so many other tools that make managing schools seamless, easy, and convenient anytime and anywhere.

2. Teacher’s Aide

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This attendance app can offer easy checking of attendance with the use of mobile phones and tablets. Teacher’s Aide also has the option to manage user-defined attendance statuses that change while you keep tapping. It varies from present, absent, and late. 

You can even include short notes on the attendance of each student. This way you can remind yourself what happened to them in case they’re late or absent.

Aside from taking attendance, the app is also good for computing grades. All you have to do is fill out the needed information and the app will compute the rest for you. 

You can then generate reports of the attendance and the grades that you’ve input throughout the grading period. The generated reports can then be sent to parents to make sure they’re updated on their children’s progress in school.

Finally, the app takes security seriously. They make sure that your data is fully secured and constantly strives to make it better. If they do have any changes in their security policy, they make sure to notify users immediately.

Overall, the app is easy to use when it comes to taking attendance and computing grades. 

The downside to this one though is that it’s exclusive for Apple products as of now. Currently, there’s also no way to synchronize your data from one device to another. To remedy this, the app enables you to export your data so you can send it to another device. 

3. Edevo Teacher

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This gradebook and organizer make it easier for teachers to accomplish time-consuming tasks like taking attendance. Putting in the information of students one by one can be tiring. This is why this Edevo lets you import student information from a .csv file.

Taking attendance is as easy as setting the date of the class and tapping on the status of each student. By default, each status shows “Present” so it’s easier for teachers because there are usually more kids that are present than absent. 

It also has a final grade calculator. All you need to do is input the values from various categories that are considered for the final grade. You can even choose to see an average of all the assessments in case you need to discuss it with students or teachers.

Overall, the app looks clean, easy to navigate, and easy to use. It’s available in Google Play so teachers who use Android phones can access it easily. 

4. Acadly

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Acadly automatically takes attendance of the students in less than a minute. It’s able to do this through a Proprietary Mesh Network based technology. All the students have to do is be in the classroom, open their apps, and mark themselves present. It also gives you the option to rectify results in case there were any mistakes made.

Online classes are also made easier with Acadly. They have integrated Zoom as their video conferencing platform and have enabled all their features to work on the platform.

There are also lots of ways to interact with the students. Teachers can use real-time polls, easily conduct quizzes, and have post-session engagement.

Acadly also comes with its own instant messaging platform and a social Q&A that students can access inside and outside the classroom. Teachers can also attach files and images to help with the discussion.

A lot of math teachers struggle with sending equations online. It’s just hard to find the right app to make all the equations digital. Acadly makes it possible with math-TeX support. 

Acadly is a pretty popular online attendance system for schools and universities. According to their website, 10% of all US universities use their system. 

5. ClassDojo

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When it comes to taking attendance, ClassDojo does everything automatically. They provide a self-service portal that students use to access their respective classes. Once they open the link sent by their teacher and go through the portal to their classes, their attendance is taken automatically.

ClassDojo is one of the most adorably made online attendance systems for schools. The interface looks a lot like a social media platform so it’s easy to use and navigate. 

The icons that are assigned to students are so adorable, it’s hard for students not to get excited about the class. If the students don’t like the default little monsters, teachers can also upload their own icons to use as avatars.

ClassDojo also comes with a lot of tools that teachers can use to make their job much easier. For example, it can automatically create groups based on your class list. It even has a Noise Meter that helps students understand how noisy they are with a visual representation. 

As for parents, ClassDojo has a customized built-in messenger where they can contact the teachers of their children. They can ask for questions, updates, or any other concerns they might have.

The best part about this online attendance system is that it’s entirely free. It’s one of the best online attendance systems for schools and 95% of U.S. schools agree to that.

6. feKara

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FeKara is a web-based application so this means that you can access it anywhere and anytime. You can use a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop, or a PC to access the application. Because of this, there’s no need to set up any physical devices to start using the application. 

When taking student attendance, FeKara can get this done by using a mobile device. You can change the status of a student in the class like Present, Absent, or on Leave with a tap of your finger. If you make mistakes, it’s also easily editable.

Data backup is not a problem for the school anymore. feKara makes sure to make a backup of the school’s data every day. If you want a personal backup of your data, feKara can also give you a copy of the backup. As for security, feKara also goes the extra mile to secure the data of schools. 

If your school uses your native language in all your content and materials, FeKara can accommodate your needs. FeKara is a multi-lingual school software so it has tons of languages available for you. If you don’t find your language on the list, the interface also allows you to translate the labels and texts on your own.

As for customer service, FeKara offers professional support for the school. Questions and concerns can be accommodated through multiple channels. These include email, ticketing system, WhatsApp, and through your phone. 

Finally, FeKara is generally available for free. But the free version, of course, has its limitations. Once you’ve tried it out and would want to pursue using it, FeKara offers flexible pricing plans. This is because they want to accommodate institutions of different sizes.

FeKara is one of the best online attendance systems for schools because lots of schools and universities use it. They have clients that are small to medium-sized schools and colleges in over 40 countries.

Key Takeaway

Online attendance systems were made to make attendance easier and faster. This frees up time for the teacher so he or she can focus more on teaching the students and making sure they learn. Lots of the systems mentioned on this list offer more than just automated attendance taking. 

Some of them are more suited for older students like those in high schools and colleges. Some are better for younger students like those in kindergarten and elementary schools. Some have automated attendance checking the moment they enter the room and some use mobile phones and apps to record attendance.

At the end of the day, the best online attendance systems for schools will be the one that fits your needs the best. 

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