School Content Management System

In today’s school systems, a school content management system is considered an essential part. It helps institutions handle important data and processes better. 

But, what is a school content management system? This is an online tool that aims to manage input, storage, and even analysis of all school information. It basically creates an online campus for educational institutions. In this online campus, they are given the freedom to carry out tasks just like in physical classrooms or schools. 

So, when you are procuring a school content management system, choose the best. The best system is one that meets all your needs and has good features.

Below are some of the features or services that you can look out for. 

Features of the School Management System

Since there are many systems in the market, it may be tricky to land software that offers the best services. So, the discussion below would serve as a guide in choosing one.

1. Admissions Management

The admission stage is one, if not the most, important stage of school management. Admissions are not limited to processing tuition fees. This process involves gaining new students and processing their queries and applications.

So, in overview, the admissions process is lengthy. The school content management system helps simplify this by automating simple tasks.

For example, schools may receive tons of messages concerning admissions. These messages may contain queries such as tuition fees, how to enroll, or requirements for enrollment. These kinds of questions are considered FAQs or frequently asked questions. 

The school content management system can have ready answers to these. This way, schools can save time and eliminate the need for manual labor. It would help them address these questions faster, therefore, increasing customer satisfaction.

2. Attendance Checking

Attendance also plays an important role in school management. This helps determine students and even teacher performance.

For students, attendance can be used to monitor their academic performance. If a student is always present during classes and other activities, there is a higher chance of learning, thus, higher quality of performance.

When it comes to teachers, salary and bonuses can be based on attendance. Bonuses can given when staff or teachers are present on days declared as a holiday. It can also be given if the staff has shown high-quality work which can be verified through attendance.

So, it is highly recommended to have a school management system that can also track their attendance. This way, you can access everything in one avenue. 

3. Online Payments

Another good feature that this software must possess is allowing online payments. Today, the world is changing and moving rapidly. So, people look for things that give utmost convenience.

One of those things is being able to pay online. Online fee payments allow payors to multitask while they are settling their dues.

With this feature, not only parents and guardians will benefit, even the staff who are part of the payroll can utilize this. They can also receive their payments online. This way, payroll and payment processing can be accomplished faster and more efficiently.

4. Online Exam Builder

Since we are surrounded by different technological advancements, the forms or methods of examinations have been changed. Today, it is more convenient to create and give exams online.

Software such as GoSchooler allows teachers to create exams for different subjects. Below is an example of how it looks.

This software handles creating questions, adding them to exams, scheduling, and even grade recording. This whole process may take up so much of a teacher’s time. But with the help of the school content management system, teachers can now save time and do other meaningful tasks.

5. Communication Channel

A system that can also serve as a communication channel between students and the school is also recommended. Communication is an integral part of every system. Smooth communications ensure that all tasks and activities can be done correctly.

Take, for example, GoSchooler. This software has a feature where teachers can send bulk emails or text messages. Below is an image of how this feature looks.

It can also post public announcements on the online school board. This way parents or guardians can be kept in the loop anytime and anywhere. In addition, it also sports a mobile application making it easier for both parties to communicate.

6. Employee Management

As mentioned above, this software allows teachers and other staff to receive their payments online. This means that it also supports employee information management. This service is essential to be able to keep track of all employees.

Most software, such as GoScholer, lets teachers create their own timetable, may it be a personal or class schedule. 

This image shows how a timetable would look like using a school content management system. An organized timetable would help teachers attend to their students better. This way, teachers can improve the quality of their work.


Having this system in your school system presents many advantages or benefits. Below, let us shed light on these advantages.

The first advantage that is worth mentioning is that this system helps save time. Since it automates the basic school processes such as answering messages, creating exams, and even payroll, it allows teachers to save time.

Before, administrators would spend a good amount of time doing these. But, as the system is in place, it can be programmed to handle these kinds of tasks.

The second advantage is safe data-keeping. The majority of these kinds of software are hosted in the cloud. This means that all-important school data are placed in the cloud. This is beneficial because it lessens the risk of losing important documents which are vital in school operations. 

Lastly, the school content management system is beneficial because it is accessible. This is essential to ensure continuity of learning. Since it is stored in the cloud, all stakeholders can access it as long as they have a device and internet connection.

A school content management system like GoSchooler also supports mobile access through applications. This widens the option for both students and teachers when it comes to access.


Is there a mobile application for the school content management software?

Yes. Systems like GoSchooler has a mobile application support.

Is this system user-friendly?

These kinds of management software are designed to be user-friendly.

However, it is still, highly recommended to get one that offers round-the-clock customer service.

Key Points

As society is changing, all industries are expected to adapt and change with it. That is why it is high time for educational institutions to incorporate a school content management system. 

This allows them to do so much more and improve their efficiency as an educational body. When choosing one, administrators should consider features such as attendance checking and employee information management. This way, they can get the most out of the software.

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