Manual management of a school’s entire student population means mountains of paperwork. And lots of errors. Searching for details of a transaction from last year means going through folders, drawers, and cabinets to (hopefully) find them. Manual record-keeping, even when done well, isn’t necessarily efficient.  

These days, all schools, regardless of how small or large their student population, must have a student management system software. This software will be the data hub of all school records and provide easy access to the institution’s constituents. 

It will automate all record keeping. Drawers and cabinets need no longer be overflowing with years of paper documentation. 

We have put together a list of the best student management system software worthy of your investment: 

Top Student Management System Software

1. GoSchooler 

GoSchooler uses powerful automation that effectively tracks, records, and organizes different types of data. Student profiles and attendant data are properly categorized in the system’s cloud. The simple layout of this site presents details on the student population, including numbers enrolled in a particular class or attendance data. 

This software is also an effective tool for seamless communication and information dissemination. Announcements about student-centered activities are quickly circulated using the communication features of GoSchooler. 

2. Hero 

The team behind Hero boasts that this software is made by educators for educators. This software and app is an all-in-one management system

For student management, in particular, this software automates the enrollment process and records all corresponding information. Apart from that, the retrieval of these types of data is quick and easy with its extensive selection of pre-made lists and customizable lists to fit your specifications.  

Pre-made lists are curated specifically to cater to the needs of administrators and teachers who need regular access to files. Teachers have ready access to editing features for grading as well as other classroom maintenance functions. Both parents and students will have the ability to access grades and other classroom notifications.   

3. PowerSchool SIS

PowerSchool SIS is an excellent management system software catering directly to the needs of the teachers. Teachers use this software primarily to record grades and track the attendance of their students

The administrative staff can use this software to record and track this input received from the teaching staff. For example, the admin staff can retrieve such data from the system for the release of transcripts and other documentation.  

Above all, PowerSchool SIS is more than adequate as a tool for student registration. The roster of details is secured within the software. However, it remains easily accessible for internal use. 

4. Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus is an ideal student management system software for medium-sized institutions. 

One of the most prominent features of Infinite Campus is that it has a comprehensive progress tracker. Teachers use this software to track the milestones of their students; especially helpful for teachers who specialize in special education. 

By using this application, the users can generate comprehensive progress reports from the data that has been input. The milestones can vary according to the abilities of the student. The software presents the data in an easy-to-comprehend manner. All data needed to track a student’s progress are on a single page displaying trends and analytics.

5. Blackbaud Education Management Solutions

This management system covers all school-related activities for students. It keeps track of their academics, athletics, extracurricular, and community activities. 

Users, including the parents of the students, can access the portal of this software to keep track of their child’s activities. Parents can communicate with teachers or administrators through the site. 

It is also an efficient tool for recording student management basics. It automates attendance tracking, class scheduling, grading, and records reporting, among other functions.

Lastly, the user interface of this software system is non-tech and user-friendly. Those who aren’t adept at using these types of technology find this software easy to work with and a breeze to navigate. Blackbaud also offers excellent technical support.  

6. Skyward Student Management System 

Skyward Student Management System is a popular choice among K-12 or senior high school institutions. 

It has an organized, managing process for creating student rosters. Student data are collected and organized using these rosters. Retrieval and safekeeping are also efficient through the use of this system. 

For academic records, this student management system can track and record individual scores for students, including activities and exams. In the same manner, teachers can input their students’ final grades. Students and their parents can access the portal to view their records. 

This not only automates the entire grading process but also makes it more accessible and time-efficient. Parents will not need to go to the school to get a copy of their child’s final grades. Now, through this site, they can simply print a copy of the page or they can formally request a transcript of grades through the site.   

7. Ellucian Banner

This software system is known for its flexibility. Ellucian Banner is an all-in-one student management software that has features for student registration, scheduling, financing, and requesting documents, among others.  

This system allows the primary owners to delegate authorization to override data that meet certain criteria. Say, for instance, there is a mistake in one of the student’s billing records. Staff from the registration or finance office can easily correct the mistake without the student submitting a request.  

Universities often prefer this system. The portal is the perfect tool for inter-program or inter-college communication. A transfer student from one program to another can easily request official documents from their previous institution. The transfer of the documents can be done internally too. 


The students are the major stakeholder of schools, no matter how large or small their population. All pertinent and required student records must be properly and safely secured. A well-built student management system software can do the job for you. 

With a few clicks on a computer, an administration can store, edit, and retrieve student records. More than that, their academic progress can be tracked and assessed using this software. Student management software can help streamline many school processes, from registration to class management. 

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