Need and Importance of ICT

The need and importance of ICT in different industries are now one of the most talked-about topics when it comes to technology. To know more let us take a look at how technology is shaping our society.

Today, technology plays a great part in our daily lives. These technological advancements are present in our routine and we sometimes do not notice them. For example, the main device that we use to communicate in the modern world is a product of technology. 

Even our home appliances and transportation methods are influenced by technology. People incorporate these innovations into their personal lives, businesses, and even government functions. 

This is proof that these advancements are beneficial and are now considered an essential part of our lives. One of the most used innovations is information and communication technology or ICT.

The need and importance of ICT in today’s society will be discussed in this article. First, let us define what ICT is, then we will discuss its features per industry.

What is ICT?

Information and communication technology is a term that refers to different aspects. This includes services such as data management, telecommunications, computing, and the internet. There is no one definition that can fit ICT as it differs depending on where it would be used.

However, information and communication technology is considered to be a collection of services that aim to upscale basic tasks. So, to further emphasize the need and importance of ICT in our society, let us discuss its uses per industry.  

The Need and Importance of ICT in Different Industries

The uses of this tool depend on which industry it is being utilized. Here are some, but not all, of the fields that use information and communication technology today.


The education sector is one of the fields that benefit from the services of ICT. Education is considered to be an integral part of everyone’s growth and development. Proper education can help anyone gain an advantage over societal inequalities. Education is even considered as one of the strongest instruments in fighting poverty.

So, it should always be an educator’s goal to provide high-quality education.

ICT is being used in different parts of the education sector. Some uses may benefit the students, the management, or both. Below are some of the examples of how ICT plays a role in the education sector:

Admissions Processing

The admission process is a lengthy process in any educational institution. That is why this is given a huge part of a school’s resources. Most of us only know admissions as the part where children would pay the enrollment fees. However, the whole admissions process involves even the steps before that.

Admissions even cover the marketing strategy of how to attract new students. It is also responsible for customer support such as answering queries. In overview, the admissions stage requires a lot of manpower and effort. This is where the need and importance of ICT come in. 

ICT can help school management make this stage easier. The ICT tool in the education sector is more commonly known as school management software

This offers features such as automated replies, easy data input, and even online fees processing. The automation of these services makes it easier for schools to conduct a smooth admissions process.

Online Services

As mentioned above, ICT involves features such as internet connection. So, it also offers online services. These kinds of services are essential as the majority of us heavily rely on technology. 

Software like GoSchooler has features such as online classes, examinations, and even online fees payment. ICT allows educators to schedule classes and hold them on their allotted time. 

With this, a good ICT tool can host online exams from building one to assessment. It is highly beneficial that an educator can do these tasks on software. It helps them create a more efficient learning process.

Paying school fees is one of the things that parents must handle on a regular basis. However, as parents or guardians also have other things to attend to, having different payment options provide convenience. An ICT tool such as the school management software provides easy payment channels to parents. It even makes fees collection easier for the school.

Smoother Communication and Access

The ICT, from the name itself, hosts communication between teachers and the students. Software like GoSchooler has different communication methods. One is the student’s notice board that can be used for mass announcements to all stakeholders.

It can also send updates through bulk text messages or emails. The tools make it easier for teachers to target their students and update them with the things that are school-related. This way, students are kept in the loop which allows them to attend to their responsibilities better.

need and importance of ICT

There is also software that offers mobile application access. It is important that children can access their educational materials anytime, anywhere. Mobile access gives them this kind of accessibility and helps ensure continuity of learning.

Employee Payroll

It was mentioned above that the uses of ICT do not only revolve around services for the students. ICT tools also bring advantages to school management. Payroll is an important part to keep your employees happy. So, keeping an organized payroll is a must.

ICT tools or software usually take care of the employee data. This includes their personal information, job descriptions, salary, and even their attendance. So, this tool should also be able to compute and give out salaries on time. 

These are just some of the services of ICT in the education sector. That is why the need and importance of ICT in this sector are always being emphasized.

Health Care

Just like education, health care is one of the most important basic services. A prosperous society thrives on proper health care services from its government. The benefits of ICT in this sector can also be seen on both the patients’ and medical practitioners’ sides.

One of the services ICT offers is patient record keeping. Through the years, hospitals have to deal with patient records that are manually written and stored. With the presence of ICT, data input and storage are now automated.

Automation removes a significant amount of time spent on writing the details and looking for these records. This gives the medical professionals more time to attend to their patients. 

The benefits of ICT in this sector go way beyond patient information storage. This innovation is also recognized as an important part of finding new cures and solutions to medical issues. Most diseases today can be treated with the help of technology such as CT scanners, MRIs, ECG, and EEG machines.

The need and importance of ICT are not just limited to simple data storage. This tool presents various ways of helping and creating better solutions in different industries. 


This industry refers to the act of buying and selling goods and services through the internet. It includes marketing via the internet, management, product shipping, and payments. 

This method of purchasing goods and services is now one of the most in-demand as it makes transactions easier. Business owners can post their catalogs online and create a virtual shopping experience for their customers.

Customers can then purchase the items through the internet as well. Even if this transaction is done online, there are a lot of logistics involved. So, an ICT tool that can help upscale e-Commerce transactions is very beneficial.

ICT software can help business owners deal with their clients with automated responses. The tool can also manage inventory with data input and analysis.

Just like in the educational sector, ICT tools can also host online payments. Making it easier for customers to purchase and pay for the goods they want. 

Other Basic Services

The need and importance of ICT in other sectors are also established.

For example, ICT tools such as online banking have opened doors for both the bank and clients to create a new baking method. Now, clients can access their money and use it without the need to go to a bank. ICT tools eliminate the need for being physically present to utilize your resources.

ICT can also be seen in public transportation methods. Some cities are now implementing one-ticket schemes for all kinds of transportation services.

ICT makes it possible for these transport management groups to centralize ticketing. This is more convenient for the commuting population as it removes the need to line up for different ticket booths per transport method. 


Can I use ICT in any type of industry?

Yes. The services of ICT can now be used on almost all kinds of industries. It helps the education, transport, agriculture, and even heath care sectors to upscale their services.

How is ICT beneficial in the education sector?

The ICT is beneficial in this sector through different industries. In general, it helps automate services such as admissions, communication, and even payroll processing

Major Takeaways

The need and importance of ICT in today’s society is something that cannot be denied. It is being utilized in different sectors and so far has been very beneficial.

In the fast-paced world that we are currently in, it is highly recommended to adapt to these changes. Adapting includes incorporating tools such as information and communication technology in your organization. This way, you can create better experiences not just for your clients but for your organization as well. 

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