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In a fast-paced world, it is highly recommended for educational institutions to use an admission management system. That is because this system is beneficial in adding value to the experience of students or applicants. 

All kinds of educational institutions, be it college, elementary school, university, or digital campuses strive to get as many enrollments as possible. However, these institutions struggle in converting inquiries into successful admissions. 

The factor that affects the success of these admissions is the ease of enrollment. As mentioned above it is recommended to incorporate an admission management system. 

In this article, we will be defining what is the admission management system and its scope. By the end of this, you will be equipped with everything you need to know about this tool. 

Defining Admission Management System

What is an admission management system? It is a digital tool that helps educational institutions carry out a smooth and organized enrollment process. 

This process involves answering student inquiries, organIzing the messages, and post-inquiry activities. Further, the enrollment process includes the collection of requirements, payment, until the student enrolls in the institution. 

This procedure is lengthy which is why it may take some time when doing it using manual labor. So, the admission management system comes in handy in making sure that educational institutions can save time. 

This system is beneficial to both parties as it also allows the students to apply online and check on the application status digitally. It provides an accessible channel for all stakeholders, therefore, providing convenience and efficiency. 

To further understand the benefits of having an admission management system below are the things that it can do for your organization. 

What Does the System do?

1. Automation of Admission Processes

The first and most basic service of an admission management system is automating the basic enrollment procedures.

As we are already in the digital world, it is necessary to adapt to the changes. One step to do that is to improve the way we do various tasks and activities. In this, automating enrollment processes is the way to go. 

Automation provides convenience to management because it cuts down the time spent on enrollment stages. The time saved can be used for other activities that can further help the institution achieve more enrollees. 

For example, an admission management system can set an auto-reply to student inquiries coming in. This would eliminate the need for school personnel to manually answer the incoming queries. 

2. Manage Admission Inquiries

As mentioned, the admission management system deals with inquiries from interested applicants.

It is helpful to note that the number of inquiries has increased or doubled compared to before. So, school management should prepare by being equipped with the right tools.

Back in the day, inquiries only came from referrals or traditional advertisements. However, as new technology is in place, the number of inquiries has increased. So, the school should incorporate a system that can handle these messages.

This tool can do so much more than just automating replies. It can also help you organize the messages depending on the status of the application. This way, you can easily find those that need more convincing.

3. Tracking Application Status

As you all know very well the overall application procedure involves many steps before completion. So, tracking these applications sometimes presents itself as a problem to school administrators and even the applicants themselves.

The admission system tool offers application management to school administrators so that they can provide the right kind of assistance. It also gives the students the freedom to continue with their application off-site.

Since the admission management system is an online tool, they are given the freedom to accomplish the process at their own convenience. Once all requirements have been accomplished, students can wait for the results through this tool. 

It can show them whether they have already been accepted, pending, or rejected by the school. This feature makes it easier for schools to give updates to their students. 

4. Payment Processing

It can also host payment processing. This is one of the most basic features of admission management systems. They offer payment sections so that school administrators can do everything in one avenue.

For example, GoSchooler has a feature where school staff can collect fees by directly sending invoices to the enrolled students. This can be done through email or other convenient channels. Below is an example of how it looks. 

admission management system

This tool makes it easier for the school to track and record payment collections. Transactions or records of dues are just a few clicks away. It helps the finance department to keep an accurate record of dues and payments made. 

Since we are already talking about finances, this system also offers payroll services to the school staff. A good admission management system is truly a one-stop shop for all your needs. 

5. Serves as a Communication Channel

The majority of tolls today do not only contain features for admissions.

A great tool is one that offers all management services in one avenue. So, an admission management system should also offer services for communication. 

You can use this tool as a way of communicating with individuals who are inquiring about school enrollment. You can further use this as these interested individuals progress through the process. 

In addition, students who are already enrolled can communicate to the school administrators through the system as well. As it provides accessibility through mobile applications and device responsiveness, all stakeholders will be able to use it smoothly. 

6. Creates Comprehensive Analytics

Lastly, an admission management system helps create comprehensive reports and analytics on your current data. 

These kinds of documents are important because they are valuable in making plans for the development of the institutions. 

For example, an admission management system can produce an overview of the current student inquiries. It can also show the users how many of these inquiries successfully moved on to the next step of admissions.

These sets of data would help the school determine what kinds of marketing strategies are working. With this analytics, institutions can either improve or replace current activities. This way, no effort or resources would be wasted on ineffective strategies


Is automation beneficial?

In the digital age, automation offers countless benefits. Overall, it helps institutions save time and improve efficiency.

How do I choose the right admission management system?

When choosing a tool, it is important to always consider the needs of your organization. Only then will you be able to land the best tool for you.

Main Points to Remember

An admission management system is an essential part of today’s educational system. This tool offers more than just making your enrollment process easier.

It also offers a communication and payment channel for your organization. It helps educational institutions create a smoother flow of communication and a better record-keeping system.

Incorporating one today is highly advisable in the digital age. So, make sure that you choose a system that can address your needs. 

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