School management software systems are increasingly necessary for efficient operations in the education industry. They provide and aid seamless transactions during admissions, track attendance, and safeguard student data, among many other school management-related activities. 

While well-established school management software has been on the market for some time now, there is a growing demand for preschool management software. This software emphasizes its communication features. Good communication between the school and parents is paramount. With preschoolers, parents make most of the decisions. 

Let’s look into the best preschool management software that could make a smart investment for your school:  

Best Preschool Management Software 

1. GoSchooler

GoSchooler is an ideal management software for your preschool mainly because of its communication features. For parents who want to be consistently updated with how their children are faring at school, GoSchooler has an easy-to-navigate portal. The portal presents all the information you are looking for. Their current class schedule, their performance for each one, and additional notes about their standing. 

Aside from that, anyone from the school can send either an email or an SMS to the child’s contact person for any type of announcement. Take announcements about the cancellation of classes for example. The school will announce it by publishing a notice on the portal. And for good measure, they can forward the message through email or text by using the app. 

2. Brightwheel

Brightwheel is an easy-to-use management software that has an accompanying mobile application version that is available for both iOS and Android. The software serves to aid the administrative staff in handling a variety of tasks, especially during the admissions process. Enrollees’ confidential data and documentation for all processes are secure online.   

Using online software is also a step toward sustainability as it supports paperless operations. Brightwheel affords this convenience for many administrative tasks, including online registration and noting staff attendance. 

The availability of a mobile app makes Brightwheel a favorite among parents. The app allows for real-time notifications from the school. Understandably, parents can have their worries when they leave their children at school for the first time. Brightwheel provides a platform for the school and parents to be in quick contact if there is ever an urgent need for a parental response. 

3. Illumine

As stated on Illumine’s official website, the software and app serve over 300 schools around the world. Illumine is an efficient daycare management app that integrates many features and supports seamless transactions between all parties. 

Teachers, who are the primary users of this software, use the app to check student attendance manually. It also serves as their activity log. From documenting the meal breaks, rest times, and nappy changes, the teacher logs every activity of the student to be forwarded to the parents upon request or when deemed necessary.

Aside from that, Illumine also has a medical log in which the teacher regularly logs the temperature of the children. This is an efficient way to check if all the kids are healthy and to alert the parents if they aren’t. 

The parents can easily log in to the site through the portal and access any details noted by the teachers. From their meal logs down to medical logs, parents have quick and easy access to their children’s daily activities and any special circumstances.  

A notable feature of this software is that it supports digital remote learning for preschool children. Online learning for small children can be quite challenging. In Illumine, this feature supports a collaborative effort between the teachers and parents in the child’s education. Teachers can share videos of lesson presentations and leave comments on the student’s performance in class.

4. HiMama

A distinct feature common among preschool management software is its preference for a quirky user interface, almost as if the preschool children are their main users. Because of this element, most apps are easy to navigate, and this is especially true for HiMama. HiMama is an all-around preschool management app that helps preschool and daycare owners manage their businesses. 

This software takes care of program planning, such as assigning classes to teachers, report generation, and staff attendance management. It can also process online registration and has a feature specifically designed for document management. This allows users to upload files directly to the software or app from external sources. Teachers can easily upload learning materials, such as videos and PowerPoint presentations.  

HiMama also has a wide selection of parent-centric features. It is available as a mobile app, compatible with both Android and iOS. With the app, parents can receive real-time notifications on their child’s status. They can also check their meal tracker and milestone tracker. It has a digital scrapbook feature for parents that illustrates important milestones for their children, complete with photos and brief descriptions.

5. LifeCubby

LifeCubby is a cloud-based management software dedicated to early childhood education. It has apps available for iOS, Android, and Kindle, making it easily accessible for most users. School administration makes the best use of this because its key features include daily check-in and check-out, digital payment processing, parent communication, and digital tracking of activities. 

Daily check-ins and outs are for both staff members and students. The users, specifically the teachers, will log the attendance of their students in the software. The teachers will also log the children’s meal plans, milestones, and other notable tasks by documenting them through pictures or videos and uploading them directly to the system. 

The parents will have access to these trackers and other parent-centric features of LifeCubby. They can view and use the school calendar to note upcoming school activities that may require their presence. Also, through the app, they can easily contact the school administration or their child’s class adviser for questions or clarifications.  

6. Procare Desktop

Procare Desktop uses a modular format in which each module is a collection of essential features for preschool management. Besides preschool management, it can be of benefit to daycares, after-school management, and child activity centers. 

Family Data, one of Procare’s core modules, automates data collection and administrative tasks. It can handle the storage and safekeeping of confidential student and staff data. Procare also provides for classroom management, with student listings highly visible and readily accessible class schedules. And it has tracking sheets for teachers to log the daily activities of the children. 

Another module is Tuition Express. As the name suggests, this module focuses on automating tuition collection. Procare makes creating reports and recording transactions easy, all while ensuring that the data are secure in the software’s cloud storage. It also has an embedded system that automatically bills parents every cycle. 


Is preschool management software necessary?

Yes. This specialized type of school management software is necessary because all its functions are streamlined to cater to the special needs of preschool education.

What are the benefits of preschool management software?

The following are the prime benefits of preschool management system:
1. Easy communication with parents,
2. Efficient school management, and
3. Saves natural resources, especially paper.


Regular school management software can work well for preschool management, but it cannot cater to all the needs of a preschool or daycare. Preschool management needs meal trackers and milestone trackers that are no longer a necessity for high school or graduate school management. More than that, preschool management demands a higher standard for more streamlined communication between the school and parents because of the extra care required with very young children. 

The above-listed management software systems are the current frontrunners in education management. We recommend a review of each software before deciding which one best accommodates your school’s administrative needs. 

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