Universities and colleges offer more services as compared to intermediate and secondary school. They aim to provide several quality programs and attend to a myriad of operational and administrative tasks and challenges daily. Most of these institutions find that integrating college management software uplifts the hassle of their day-to-day tasks. 

In this article, we’ll look into the specifics of college management software. Then, we’ll go through its fundamentals down to pointing out the best college management software you can invest in today’s market.

The Fundamentals of a College Management Software

College management software is a specialized school management software developed to cater to the more complex workings of college-level education. 

Like how there are management software systems for preschools, college software management software provides additional features that are not present in regular management software. 

One of its stark differences is that it supports larger-scale settings. It acknowledges the presence of multiple divisions and colleges in its timetables and events management features. More than that, this type of software caters to institute-wide management. 

With institute-wide management, school administrators can use a single site to oversee a relatively large scope. Aside from that, the stakeholders can use the portal to access and request inter-program documents. 

It still contains the other essential features, such as admissions, finances, and timetables. 

Benefits of Integrating College Management Software

Before we discuss the best college management software in the market today, let’s first look into the benefits they provide. 

Here are some reasons why college software is beneficial:

1. Web-based Capability

Most college management software is web-accessible. This ease of access is highly advantageous for students, teachers, and the management. In addition, stakeholders can quickly access, add, and change data in the software. 

On top of that, it executes the needed college-related work promptly. For example, requesting official documents, such as grade transcripts, can quickly be done through the web-based portal.

2. Easy Attendance Tracking

Colleges and universities adopt flexible rules when it comes to attendance tracking. Most classes allow up to five absences before the student is dropped from a class. Tracking each student’s attendance behavior can be taxing for the teacher, especially on top of their other pressing responsibilities. 

School management software, in general, automates attendance tracking. Teachers can easily note the absences in the software. Finally, the system integrates it with the existing data. Finally, it consolidates the data and provides a summarized tally. 

3. Efficient Personal Data Record Keeping

Even small-scale colleges cater to hundreds of students. Manually storing physical copies of each of the students’ records takes up a lot of office space. It means piles of documents and envelopes. 

When you have college software management incorporated in your admission and registration process, keeping track of the details is much more efficient. This efficacy is because all information required during admissions is inputted into the system directly. 

On top of that, retrieval of these documents also becomes more accessible. Adding and changing some information is also less taxing than how it used to be. 

4. Organize Financial Documents

College is expensive. Admissions require a fee. The total amount of all class requirements at the end of the semester can be pretty shocking. 

It isn’t expensive for the students only. But, maintaining a business as big as a university or college needs a sizable sum of money. So, college management software can be a great financial aid for both school management and students. 

The system can provide exhaustive financial reports presenting the income and expenses of the institution. As for the students, they can access the portal to check if they have unpaid dues. In this manner, they don’t have to keep track of all their payables manually. 

What are the Best College Management Software?

After looking into the benefits of management software, here are the best college management software available today.

1. GoSchooler

As stated in the image above, GoSchooler is a cloud-based school management software with enough capacity to accommodate larger college and university populations.

This software has features dedicated to student management that show all records from enrollment up to the present. In a similar manner, all fundamental features of this software are clustered together for easy navigation.

Aside from that, GoSchooler’s portal is accessible through both web and mobile apps. The presence of its mobile version adds to its mobility and efficiency. Notifications are received in real time. Students won’t miss out on sudden schedule changes or alerts about class cancellations.

The benefits of this software don’t end there. Its premium services will serve your college and university for the better and in the long run.

2. MyClassCampus 


MyClassCampus offers a wide array of essential features that makes college and university more manageable. 

College and university life is very daunting for first-timers. Schedules of academic and extracurricular activities often overlap. On top of that, financial management can be too exhausting because of all the payable fees that pile up. This all-in-one management software can manage these tasks for you and more. 

MyClassCampus serves as an efficient tool for the teachers and school management to provide a better learning experience for the students. Teachers and professors can take advantage of the Lesson Planning and Time-Table features to prepare for their classes properly. 

The portal can host several video and audio lesson aids that allow access to the students within a timeframe. 

This software is sure to provide a firm framework for a regular college experience. 

3. Schoolbic


Schoolbic is an innovative and collaborative school management software that promises valuable benefits for all its users. 

This school software is available in a mobile app that works excellently well for college students who seem to have their phones glued to their hands. Once installed on their phones, these students can receive real-time notifications and updates from their respective colleges. Admissions and submission dates are hard to miss with the convenience of this mobile app. 

Aside from that, mobile scheduling is also supported by Schoolbic. It serves as an essential tool by students, professors, and school management. Students can easily ensure that they are up to date with their daily class schedules. But, apart from the class schedules, they can also check if they have due payables and upcoming institute-wide events. 

On the other hand, the teaching staff uses this app to track their schedule and other school-related activities that they are responsible for. More than that, this software is an effective attendance tracker. It makes attendance tracking leagues easier than the manual method. 

Lastly, Schoolbic’s software and the mobile app support online payment methods. This automation makes it convenient for both the payee and receiver. Students don’t have to take too much time to process their over-the-counter payments. With just a few taps on their phone, payments are sent on the dot. 

4. NolwaBoard


One of the most taxing processes that schools, especially colleges and universities, go through every year is the admissions process. At this point, they need to rack up their entire database to add and weed out information. 

NoIwaBoard is a college management software that emphasizes the annual admissions process. It aims to collect and organize all the records on the get-go. The system, then, becomes responsible for its safekeeping and retrieval. 

Aside from that, this software is an excellent remote learning partner. 

It can host online classrooms, and it allows teachers to create and upload modules directly to the system. The system also encourages teacher-student interaction as it has a particular feature that hosts online consultations and coaching. It acknowledges that interaction is still one of the main components in learning, even in a remote setup. 

5. Classe365


Classe365 offers standardized solutions to community colleges around the globe. 

As a college management software, it knows how unruly college processes are. The solution they offer stands for detailed workflows that are convertible to actionable methods. With this vision in mind, it is no surprise that one of its core goals is to have a secured learning portal. 

Aside from serving as an admissions tool, Classe365 also aims to increase engagement among the different stakeholders. It seeks to improve school-parent communication with its easily accessible portal. 

On the other hand, the students also have more freedom over how school files and documents are uploaded in the software. 


Integrating college management software in your institution is a must these days to keep up with current demands in the industry. Investing in software that will improve your curriculum and administrative processes is worth every penny.

These are just some of the best software out there. If you can think of another school management software that you have worked with, let us know in the comment section. What worked for you might be a great solution for another school too.

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