Let’s admit it. 

Admissions is one of the most taxing processes every school year. There are many papers to prepare—forms that need to be filled up and official documents that need to be printed out. Document mix-ups also become a natural occurrence during this process, especially for schools with larger populations. 

Luckily, online admissions is now a trend that’s slowly becoming the norm. 

The online school admission system considers that internet connection is now a staple fixture for most families. Let’s discuss the online school admission system at length in this article. 

Core Features of an Online School Admission System 

Let’s start with the core features of an online admission system. 

1. Admissions Portal 

A separate admissions portal will be the central traffic area for all the admissions-related processes. From inquiries to finalizing schedules, the users shall access this site only. 

An excellent admissions portal should be easy to navigate. 

This portal should cater to all necessary tasks, which include inquiry and data entry. Processing the inquiry records falls on the shoulders of the school admin. It is an effective lead management tool that keeps track of all possible applicants. The school admin can use the data from this tool to calculate the conversion rate from the number of inquiries to actual applicants. 

On the other hand, the data entry is for the applicants. Both new and old students must find the portal easy to navigate to fill in all the needed data to follow through with the admissions. 

2. Online Forms 

Whether printed or online, forms are a necessity during the admissions process. It contains all the needed details about an old or new student. It covers all the personal information required to push through with the process. 

GoSchooler, an all-in-one school management software that supports online admissions. One of its key features includes ready-made admissions forms that can be sent back and forth between the school and the applicant. 

In the screenshot above, the numbered items inside the box are the admissions-related forms. You can choose which one that best fits your current need. 

3. Online Payment 

An online admissions system must have a feature to process online payments

As we all know, an admissions process is truly finalized when the applicant can pay off all the equivalent fees. Paid fees mean a secured slot. Without this feature, the applicants can never complete the process at home. They still need to go out of their way to meet their dues. 

Additionally, this core feature makes sure that the entire process is convenient to the users⁠—both the students and school admin. The admin staff will no longer dread the long hours spent calculating all the money on hand after a long day of accepting admissions fees. They can just look into the recorded transactions and make sure that all payments are paid fully. 

Why go for an online school admission system?

Suppose there is still a thin line that separates you from deciding to invest in an online admission system. These benefits may finally be the final push you need. 

Available 24/7

First and foremost, having an online admissions system means an around-the-clock admissions process. It doesn’t need a school employee to track the records of the applicant manually. If the applicant’s records are already tagged as eligible in the system, then the admissions process should flow without a hitch. 

Aside from that, this round-the-clock availability also caters to the free time of the applicants. The students or parents don’t have to dedicate a whole day to process their admissions in person. They can do it at home during their free time. No hassle, no stress. 

And, if unavoidable mishaps need to be processed personally, the applicant can go to the school without the fear of being in contact with many other people. 

No More Long Lines

If the applicant does need to go to school to settle some issues personally, there are no dreadful lines to stand in. No time and effort wasted. 

As the primary admissions process is accessible online, not everyone needs to go to the school to settle their cases. This change in scenery is one of the immediate benefits that come with investing in this web-based solution. Instead of waiting in line, you can wait for the server page of the admissions portal to load in the comforts of your house. 

Paperless Upgrade

An accompanying immediate benefit of the previously mentioned benefits is the paperless upgrade. 

As the name suggests, the entire process doesn’t need stacks of papers anymore. All files are accessible through the system and kept in the software’s cloud database. 

Whenever a printed handout is necessary, the school staff or the applicant can easily print the softcopy version. Easy as 1, 2, 3. 


Document mix-up isn’t an issue for online admissions systems.

As an automated system, there is little to no room for errors. As long as the system is correctly set in place, it will flow like clockwork. 

Aside from that, it is also easier to check and double-check the details that appear on official documents. Blatant errors are also more convenient to correct because all the files are still soft copies. Either the staff or applicant can change the details and have them verified. 

It’s a much simpler process, and it doesn’t waste any paper resources. 

Accuracy also comes in the form of looking up all admissions-related documents in the portal. If you decide to look for a particular admissions document, you can look up your profile and pick from the uploaded supporting documents. 

No one needs to go over several folders, shelves, and cabinets to look for a sole document. All the files are properly organized and easily accessible within minutes. 

Secured Data Storage 

Lastly, using an online school admission system ensures secured data storage. 

Whether the system is cloud-based or web-based, the storage spaces for both have multiple barriers and blockages to secure that the request comes from authorized users. 

These blocks and barriers also make sure that cyber attacks cannot compromise all the stored data. They are always on the lookout for counts of unauthorized access. 


Why is online admission a popular choice?

Online admission is a popular choice among users because of its convenience. It migrates all admissions tasks online. There’s no need for long lines, and you don’t need to spend an entire day just to enrol for your classes.

What are the common admission requirements?

The requirements depend on the institution. But, the most common required document is the list of grades from the previous academic year.

Key Takeaways

An online school admission system is the future of school admissions. It’s not even a far-off future. It’s a development that is slowly gaining traction in the education industry. 

When choosing to invest in an online admissions system, ensure that the software has the core features mentioned in the list above. These core features are the main working gears of the admissions system. 

And, don’t forget about the benefits that we included in the list. Either one of the listed benefits may be the only thing that’s lacking for your institution to flow seamlessly. 

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