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Time and time again, educational institutions want to give the best school experience for their clients. The rise of multiple school software for management solutions greatly helps in achieving this ultimate goal.

With the use of a school management system, the institution can now have a smooth flow of processes. Along with these operations include the automation of clerical tasks like compiling data and records. In the progressive market of school management systems thus born the more improved enrollment and admission processes.

Most of the school admission management is integrated with SIS to apply dynamic methods of data retrieval. Sorting and filtering information using an admission management system is easier to execute. It primarily eliminates the hurdles of the school registrar in entertaining long queues, accepting manual payments and documents.

The school admission management system allows tracking of enrollment status and confirmation. Here is what most school processing applications look like:

The School Admission Process

1. Online Registration – students fill out registration forms and login into the school portal

2. Application Forms – students apply online by inputting relevant data and entering credentials

3. List Generation – system sorts student qualification and filters out the candidates for admission

4. Online Verification – applicants upload necessary documents like previous records and earned certifications

5. Fees Payment – parents can pay enrollment fees safely thru a selection of e-payment methods that the school is affiliated with

6. Admission Confirmation – the system provides an automated notification via text messaging or email to confirm student admission

Although school admission management systems vary from platform to platform, this is the core process of this feature. Now that you got a clear overview of what a school admission management software does, let’s tackle the top examples we gathered. The list below involves the best SMS for school admissions most of which receive high reviews from end-users:

9 Best School Admission Management System

1. GoSchooler

Screenshot from GoSchooler

GoSchooler is a cloud-based management software that aims to provide solutions to school needs. This enables improved operations in academic institutions that are time-efficient and cost-effective. The admission management system’s mechanism involves a smooth flow of school enrollment.

GoSchooler helps in utilizing strategic marketing tools in optimizing the school’s online branding. This way, prospective students and parents will be easier to reach. From the enrollment process to day-to-day classes, the management system makes it a point to give the best educational experience to students.

It makes use of intuitive online tools to keep in touch with parents on alerts and up-to-date information. The automation of admission processes benefits both the admin and the student applicants. The school easily manages applicant data, processes online payments and fees, and generates forms online.

Overall, GoSchooler’s enrollment management system turns your institution’s admission process into seamless work.

2. Alma – Alma Start

Screenshot from Alma

With the power of impressive technology, Alma engages prospective parents and students. This school admission management system is flexible in eliminating duplicate entries and errors.

With its intuitive interface, Alma Start places enrollment solutions to both the school and its clients. Data entries will be paperless and time-friendly as filling out forms will be online. The school may tailor its own forms and give ample information on how parents can complete admission from start to finish. Reaching out to more qualified applicants is made easier through Alma Start. 

3. Graduway – GradEnroll

Screenshot from Graduway

The enrollment and recruitment process was made easier with GradEnroll. With the admission’s real-time virtual connections, prospective students and parents are engaged.

This school admission management software connects them with your school’s trusted community. Answering queries in real-time can be personalized with your school’s ambassador students, alumni, and faculty. Enrolling online takes away the hassle of in-person recruitment, thus saves time and cost on both ends.

Enabling the admin to determine deserving candidates for admission reduces the resources involved as it will be virtual. With this, there will be a more deliberate collection of relevant data. After filtering information in the platform, the school admission then can measure its impacts using real-time analytics and insights.

This boost of the recruitment efforts online can definitely drive increased enrollment and scale your impact as an academic institution.

4. Acuity Scheduling

Screenshot from Acuity Scheduling

Managing school operations like admission tasks don’t have to be as tedious as before. Acuity Scheduling works 24/7 in setting up appointments in an organization, business, or schools alike.

This acts as an online assistant intelligently crafted to satisfy management needs to organize your busy schedule. This helps you in the initial part of reaching out to prospective students and in keeping in touch with them during their admission process.

Once the student picked a schedule with you based on your selected appointment type, expect a seamless process afterward. It automatically sends alerts for appointment confirmation with the automated system. These notifications and automated reminders can be customized.

Your online scheduling page is clean and easy-to-understand wherein clients can view your real-time availability. This allows them to self-schedule their own appointments. Acuity scheduling can also be used in mobile apps, so admission runs quicker and more accessible. It caters best to your school admin’s scheduling needs.

5. MyStudentsProgress

Screenshot from MyStudentsProgress

This management software aims to help improve communication and increase efficiencies in schools. MyStudentsProgress (MSP) is a web-based and integrated design platform that caters best to providing SIS for PK-12 private schools. Not only do they help in several SIS needs but also they feature flexible modules to different specifications.

They have designed a module for Prospects and Admissions that can be customized for your school’s processing applications. This school management solution aims to save you valuable time in affordable pricing. It allows a smooth enrollment process based on your established admission requirements.

Included in their management software is continuous online support in using the platform. They offer real-time application progress tracking tools. On top of that, they also send strategic communications to parents on behalf of your academic institution.

MSP is a centralized cloud-based software with powerful reporting capabilities, admission processes included.

6. Kira Talent

Screenshot from Kira Talent

In providing smarter and easier admission solutions for higher education, Kira Talent is one of your top options. This solutions provider helps in transforming your admissions process with holistic solutions.

They provide marketing and recruitment ideas, tips, and guides to their client schools. On top of that, they pledge to give you ample time in getting to know quality applicants that can be top students in a meaningful educational experience. This allows you to select qualified students with your customized assessment programs. This improves your admission processes and gets insight from prospective students in key traits like leadership, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Automating process applications with Kira Talent makes you focus more on time-efficient tasks than repetitive ones. It gives student applicants an equal opportunity with standardized assessment. This allows the school’s admission to make fair decisions in processing applicants.

7. Classe365

Screenshot from Classe365

Another comprehensive student management system is Classe365. It provides flexible features for running schools, colleges, universities & academies.

Its customer relationship management (CRM) feature helps in increasing student enrolment. With their fully-integrated online admission software, enrolling students will be a seamless experience. They admit students easily and conveniently using online application forms.

This admission management system allows schools to track and review the students ‘application status. They guarantee the best enrollment procedure for prospective students in applying to your institution with ease. They use a safe and secured transactions platform by providing online fee payments for the convenience of parents.

Classe365 also allow opportunities for schools to gather and format student data with reduced human errors. With SIS integration, students can easily fill out forms with their updated information. CRM with Classe365 converts potential leads to successful admissions. 

8. SCL

Screenshot from SCL

The use of SCL stresses the shift in perspective in educational systems.

They improve admission process time by digitizing manual operations. SCL also provides high-end educational and management modules in the premium category. They give a unique user experience for both the school admin and enrollees.

Their access across platforms like mobile apps is hassle-free for the important people involved in the admission. They also ensure transparent communication with students and parents. SCL takes pride in practicing a two-way street for sending updates and receiving valuable feedback to and from the parents.

Parental involvement is increased in this management app which SCL believed may result in a successful academic experience for the students. SCL improves the productivity in school operations like admission processes.

9. FileInvite

Screenshot from FileInvite

FileInvite ensures consistency in establishing a streamlined process of admission. As it automates collecting data and important documents, their secured portal allows the uploading of files by the applicants.

In turn, the school can have the power to approve or decline the submitted data and information. FileInvite simplifies processes like admission with their interface. Set up reminders, templates, and sync with cloud storage, like Dropbox or Google Drive, using this software. There will be transparent records for reference and further proceedings in this secured platform.

You don’t have to worry about securing confidential records like student identity, credentials, transcripts, and application forms in a single secure platform. Generating real-time analytics and tracking admission progress will be attainable. Keeping on track of editing requests and knowing when information is due can improve efficiency and reduce time. It also gives way to answering inquiries. FileInvite makes admission offices prioritize and plan the most productive way.

Final Takeaway

The school admissions primarily act as the initial screening process for prospective students. It is just right to select the most suitable management software for the school’s branding and needs.

At the end of the day, securing your student’s real-time application as a springboard to successful admission is what matters. Your role is to provide students the best educational experience, after all. At the same time, accomplishing admission tasks while enhancing productivity and efficiency are made attainable.

If you search for the best school software in terms of enrollment and admission, the selection is overwhelming. There are a lot of great choices online that offer this specification. With the help of this article, we trimmed down the wide choices and we hope you got an idea of utilizing a school admission management system of your choice. 

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