Today’s highly digital era calls for the use of advanced technologies in educational institutions. Due to this, there has been a need for a robust and reliable management system for schools. In this article, we are going to highlight the ten of the best school management software in India.

Most of India’s ERP software comes with mobile applications for various role-based users. The integration of reliable school ERP software in India leads to a smooth and hassle-free streamline of administrative processes.

As there are a number of school administration software you may choose from in the wide market, here is the top 10 school management software in India that we think is best for your educational institution.

Let us take a look at them one-by-one:

1. GoSchooler

GoSchooler is India’s ultimate cloud-based school management software. This is an easy-to-use solution that helps in managing a multitude of tasks on different apps in a single software.

Automate your educational institution’s admin tasks and get access to data in real-time. Some of the many great features in GoSchooler school management software are attendance management, HR management, and content management.

One notable perk from GoSchooler’s software is a tool for improving your school’s online branding, thus help get in touch with prospective students and parents.

While they help increase admission, they also keep transparent communication in the educational institution. GoSchooler utilizes online tools to send messages, alerts, or information. Communication with students and parents is another priority that supports the achievement of the student’s best educational experience.

Screenshot from GoSchooler

Another powerful automation included in meeting your school’s administrative and learning needs is the content center. GoSchooler allows you to manage modules, notes, videos, and assignments all in a single place. Not only this ERP software focuses on administrative and organizational needs, but it also amplifies the flow in the specific classroom needs.

Lastly, this automated suite surely provides tools to save time and money since it is a complete school management software. Also, the interface can be customized to better fit your school’s needs. As this is a comprehensive suite of cloud-based tools, GoSchooler’s school management software helps you give a better school learning experience for your students.

2. EduMarshal

Screenshot from EduMarshal

EduMarshal is another campus management system in India with a comprehensive set of features. This multi-school management aims to ensure improved resource availability and to allow parent’s involvement in their child’s education as much as possible. EduMarshal school management ERP makes school administrative tasks smarter as it is made to monitor and manage your institute within a single dashboard.

Included in this school management are extensive reporting features to get instant insights on student’s performance. It allows easier decision-making for finding solutions to the needs of your educational institutions. It can also be an agent to further define data and service access for highly granular user access controls. At the same time, it ensures higher accountability with restricted access to sensitive content. 

Screenshot from EduMarshal

This management software secures your school’s examination management, student grade updates, grading system, final assessment reports, and more. They also have a grievance management portal wherein the students, parents, and even staff may voice their concerns. A tracking system ensures each query is addressed and answered adequately. 

EduMarshal’s software caters to a rich and flexible toolset to manage a huge number of students, courses, and classes across multiple institutes with absolute ease. In fact, they feature 45+ ERP modules to modernize and streamline the management of educational institutions. It also allows the administration to set standards and privileges for different roles based on their responsibility.

3. Mobile Guardian

Screenshot from Mobile Guardian

If you are looking for built-with-purpose mobile device management for your educational institution in India, you can never go wrong with Mobile Guardian. Their classroom management tools are indeed handy for teachers in today’s distance learning.

The software has robust app filtering and dynamic restrictions whether your school uses wifi, public internet, or mobile data. Mobile Guardian’s management software ensures productive learning for students as it disables distracting social media apps during school hours. 

Mobile Guardian provides multiple management solutions from a single dashboard. Although compressed to their single platform, they assure secured data with their vital online protection layer. Also, they have a role-based control that ensures an acceptable usage policy. Their respective end-users are into smart groups according to the device, subject, grade, class, or any age. Besides, they ensure that all device content is always relevant and age-appropriate.

Screenshot from Mobile Guardian

This school management system uses a safe browser for keyword filtering in advanced web and Youtube. They also offer a module for inventory management, filtering and reports, and restrictions and configurations. With Mobile Guardian’s software, the school may blacklist apps, customize layouts, and set devices to single app mode for when students take exams. The management software emphasizes focus among your students.

4. Edunext

Screenshot from Edunext

EduNext management software with helpful modules that support the school’s robustness and scalability. It is another modern cloud-based school management software in India that improves a hassle-free administrative process. The software’s module involves a student information system with a streamlined process for E-learning, fees management, admission management, and student attendance management.

Screenshot from Edunext

Edunext says they launched India’s first school mobile app and Alexa-integrated school management software. Its mission is to provide a secure, fast, and smart way of streamlining work processes in educational institutions. One more commendable function of Edunext is having the parents stay updated with every required detail. They fully support communication with the parents for their child’s educational needs and concerns. 

Finally, EduNext’s E-learning is with the integration of G-suite for sharing content and conducting online classes. It allows teachers to conduct assessments or quiz both subjective and objective types with instant result generation. EduNext is the most preferred school management software in India delivering to 550+ schools and connecting to millions of parents.

5. Keep Schoolin

Screenshot from Keep Schoolin

Get help from the fast and reliable school administration software of Keep Schoolin. This online software helps manage daily school activities like keeping student records, exams, and fees, and expense management. The school portal ensures easier enrolment and admission, moreover Keep Schoolin offers a free trial. The software features different logins and dashboards for admin, teachers, students, and parents. 

Screenshot from Keep Schoolin

Keep Schoolin has an individual module that you may opt to develop in your schools like finance management, student enrolment, and exam management. It has a feature of SMS integration allowing to send messages and notifications to parents. Due to this, customized circulars and reminders are automatically sent to parents for them to stay updated. Likewise, parents can check real-time updates about the school.

6. Chanakya ERP

Screenshot from Chanakya ERP

Chanakya ERP is a simple and user-friendly school management software in India designed to meet varying needs of schools. Their interface hits the mark for being reliable, innovative, and powerful as their system goes with a support team. Furthermore, staff and teachers can easily use the system without computer expertise. 

Screenshot from Chanakya ERP

Chanakya ERP is also a branded mobile app for parents to keep track of their child’s activity. Aside from the competitive modules they offer, this school management software also compresses tons of features in a single platform. Their main features involve class and subjects management for teachers. Also, the learning management system elevates the daily learning experiences of students. 

7. Eduwonka

Screenshot from Eduwonka

Eduwonka is an interactive and collaborative platform for schools and educators. It has smart and simple school management software with an integrated G Suite for Education. These educational management tools allow students easy access and permit teachers to upload the course material to the platform. It is great for eliminating the dreadful pen and paperwork and also helps in crucial administrative tasks. 

Screenshot from Eduwonka

Eduwonka helps you perform complex school management tasks and get results in seconds with automated insights and enterprise security. This system helps your school develop a digital classroom taking learning out of the restricted confines of a classroom. Students can have access to the course materials anytime and can track their progress through online assessments. 

In line with this, Eduwonka also ensures the simplified financial processes of your educational institution. It provides tools to track incoming, outgoing, and outstanding payments. All of the processes involving fees management like generating payslips and recording expenses and reimbursements can be automated with Eduwonka.

8. Shiksha365cloud

Screenshot from Shiksha365cloud

The school management software of Shiksha365cloud provides support for multiple user access. This cloud-based system has features of SMS integration which allows communication with parents. It sends automated messages and notifications to parents regarding the updated information from the school. The platform helps you manage day-to-day complex processes like fee payment, attendance, exam management, circular management, and etc.

Screenshot from Shiksha365cloud

The school management software of Shikshak365cloud is designed to operate at high-level security to meet the needs of your educational institution. Their secured interface prevents data loss, unauthorized, and misuse of stored data and other resources. Also, they feature well-planned modules that are sensitive to school needs. The system app is user-friendly and has an android and iOS platform. 

9. MyClassCampus

Screenshot from MyClassCampus

MyClassCampus is a campus management system in India for schools, colleges, and coaching centres. It is an all-in-one education ERP to help schools go fully digital. The software is integrated with Android-iOS apps, as well.

Moreover, its learning management solution caters to live classes, private video channels, audio lectures, e-assignments, and online exams with complete analytics. It has also launched a digital academy for students from across the country where they can buy and subscribe for live lectures anytime. 

Screenshot from MyClassCampus

MyClassCampus offers more than 40 modules including finance management, result generation modules, and lesson planning. A feature worthy of note is its complaint/grievance management which encourages users to share with the school if there are any inconveniences encountered. In turn, the school acknowledges and solves the problem in smooth communication with the user. 

10. Entab

Screenshot from Entab

Entab is said to be India’s most preferred school management software for 18 years with 1500 school clients. This is also the reason why it is known as a leader in the school ERP software domain. It provides an end-to-end school management solution carrying out various administrative operations. This software helps in reducing the pressure of managing huge data. Moreover, it can deliver students a more effective and constructive academic experience.

Screenshot from Entab

Entab’s interface has a high speed, strong security, and exceptional accuracy as it is powered by the cloud with the latest technologies. It is another software that focuses on streamline the functioning of schools and information accessibility.

A feature in the system is the staff payroll management which helps in maintaining the salary of teaching and non-teaching staff. Their solutions are hand-in-hand with school financial experts for accounting. This school management software has a transparent solution leaving no room for any manipulation.

Final Words  

There is a wide range of school management software in India to choose from and the abovementioned are the best ones. All of these in the list aim for the best educational experiences for the students, after all. Despite the challenges of today’s distance learning, the efforts to innovate and automate classrooms through school ERP software are evident. Bottom line is that your educational institution deserves the best platform for school management.

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