Student academic management systems are commonly referred to as student information systems or SIS. 

From the name itself, this system is the primary portal for vital data and records. Imagine it as THAT one cabinet where you keep all your essential documents that receive the most protection methods. 

This article will answer the following questions.

  1. What are the goals of this system?
  2. What are the features of a student academic management system?
  3. What is the most effective management tool?

Goals of a Student Academic Management System

First off, let’s take a closer look into the top goals of this information management system. 

Keep all Student Records in a Single Portal 

Say, for instance, your school has a total population that exceeds 1000 individuals, not counting the admin, teaching staff, and other personnel. 

Imagine keeping the personal records of these 1000 students in individual folders and stuffing them in cabinets. Imagine the dread when you need to double-check a student’s records with a family name that starts with the letter K. How many cabinets will you have to go through? 

It takes so much time, effort, and space. 

You can easily remedy this situation with school management software with a comprehensive academic management system. 

This software provides a systemic approach to the filing and retrieval process. With just a few clicks, you can pull up and browse through the folder that you are looking for. 

Digitises School Admin Processes

More than creating a centralised portal for student records, another goal of a student management system is to digitise other school administrative processes. 

The bulk of school admin processes work with processing requests, transfer, and storing of documents. An academic management system will carry the brunt of these tasks. Those who have document requests will use the system to file and receive their papers instead of filing these documents manually.  

It’s easier than it ever was. 

The benefits that branch out from this goal also trickle down to the regular tasks of the teachers.

A basic student academic management system makes a teacher’s life more manageable. From creating lesson plans to releasing grades, the system supports these various processes. You don’t need to use multiples applications and software to accomplish one task among the many others that are still pending. 

What to Expect from a Student Academic Management System

1. Online Admissions

One of the most taxing administrative processes is, undoubtedly, the entire admissions process

An academic management system is an effective tool to help process admissions. This system carries over the grades and evaluations from the previous academic year to tag the applicant as an eligible candidate for the new school year. This system also lays out the student’s class schedule and upcoming academic calendar. 

2. Student Data Pages 

In this system, expect to find individual student pages. These pages will contain the basic information collected during the admissions process and are updated whenever necessary. It also presents a table that displays miscellaneous details that the school deems are also needed. 

Once admitted, these pages will also display the student’s class schedules. This page serves as easy access for teachers and administrators to check on their current involvement. 

This page serves as the most accessible portal to access all the documents that concern the student. Say, for example, you want to access the student’s academic records from three years ago. You can access that student’s records page and navigate the site’s interface for the necessary command. In this case, you need to click on the “View Documents” button to provide you with the data. 

Aside from the “View Documents” feature, these student pages also have other shortcut keys. You can also access the student’s current financial records and timeline. If the student is no longer part of the organisation, an “Archive” button is available to archive all the student’s data. 

3. Comprehensive Data Reports

Lastly, of course, comprehensive data reports are expected from this management system. 

You are likely to access records about admission reports, courses lists, and general student profiles. These reports deliver accurate data that are useful for finalising significant decisions.  

For example, the data from the admission reports for the last three years are the most telling data that will affect the future strategies of the school to attract enrollees. Aside from this, the details from the course list help determine the ratio between teachers to students in a more streamlined perspective. 

These data reports are necessary to make the most rational decisions to better the school’s academic processes. 

Invest in an Effective Tool

With the bulk of data related to student academics, you can’t just choose a management system with questionable performance. 

Be smart with your choices.

GoSchooler is an all-in-one school management software with a comprehensive student management system with several features that cater to academics alone. As an all-in-one school management software, it makes innovative use of the inputted data from admission inquiries to formal admissions and class schedules. 

More than that, GoSchooler offers all other features that help support the school’s academic management, such as timetabling, attendance tracking, and hosting online classes. Unlike standalone student academic management systems, investing in comprehensive school management software provides more valuable benefits than the invested capital. 

The tool is easy to navigate and user-friendly to digital immigrants who aren’t overly familiar with the ways of the internet. 

Key Takeaways 

A student academic management system has two main goals. It is to organise and digitise. 

The system organises all the academic records of each admitted student and keeps them safely secured in the system’s cloud storage. Organising these records provide more benefits than expected. It cleans up physical space in offices, lessens paper waste, and reduces retrieval time and effort. 

On the other hand, another goal is to digitise several school admin processes that provide performance-related records. This process facilitates the organisation of said records within the system. 

Even the most basic academic management system has these features: admissions, students pages, and reports. These are basically the features that are the source and primary users of the academic reports. 

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