Marketing Strategies for Educational Institutions

The education sector has always been one of the most saturated industries in the world. It is composed of both government-funded and private organizations. Regardless of organization structure, these institutions have one goal: to provide the best and most effective education to their students.

However, given that this sector is already too crowded with different organizations, it may be hard to gain new students or retain existing ones. It is best to remember that students make the school running, without them, these institutions would fail to exist.

So, schools should integrate measures to attract new students and keep current ones satisfied. This can be done through carefully planned marketing strategies for educational institutions. 

Let us discuss the most effective marketing strategies for educational institutions in 2021. 

Create a Website and Utilize Search Engine Optimization

Today, people tend to rely on the internet when they need something. From ordering food, buying essentials, and even transportation services, the internet is the way to go. That is why it is important to have an online presence.

In a world influenced by technology, the most effective marketing strategies for educational institutions are technology-based as well. That is why one of the effective ways to have an online presence is through a website.

Websites offer a wide selection of services. It can help you introduce your school and even host conversations with clients. Further, websites are used for search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is the process of making your website rank #1 on search engines such as Google. Being on the first page of these search engines gives you advantages over your competitors.

Clients are more likely to engage in your website if they see it first. So, if you want effective marketing strategies for educational institutions, it is best to consider websites.

Create Good Content

What clients see on your page serves as one of the things that affect the decision aiming of your clients. The things that they see on your website are called content.

Content includes the text and other media, such as images and videos, that you want to represent your school. In most cases, content is what sets the first impression on your prospective students.

To have a better understanding, let us discuss some of the things that fall under content. 

School Introduction

When students or their guardians visit your school website, the first that they will look for will be what you are as an organization. That is why it is essential to put a good introduction.

The introduction must be able to cover what you are and what you aim to do. First impressions are often set on this part. So, it is important to put your best foot forward and impress clients in the get-go.

Employee Profile

Introducing your school staff can also help in marketing. The school must be able to send the message of being trustworthy to gain the confidence of parents or guardians.

So, it is highly recommended to put the profile of the school staff who will be directly involved in the children’s educational experience. Adding their images would also be helpful in improving your website content.

Services Offered

Good content is one that is comprehensive. Therefore, the website must also offer information about your services. This would help save the time of clients and even your employees.

When curating this section, it is advisable to put visuals such as images of how those services look like. This way, your audience can have a better understanding of your organization.

Improve Admissions Process

Creating smooth processes is one of the effective marketing strategies for educational institutions. Clients of all kinds so industries always seek convenient experiences.

The admissions process is the longest and maybe the most complicated step in enrolling in a new school. This involves inquiring for requirements, data input, and even bills payment. So, being able to provide a smooth and hassle-free admission process can gain you a big advantage over competitors.

One of the things that you can do is automate this process. There are various school management systems in the market that covers the admissions process and make it easier

Marketing Strategies for Educational Institutions

For example, the image above shows GoSchooler. It has services that allow the school to automate responses regarding the basic admission questions. It is also able to host online fees payment through different channels.

These kinds of features simplify basic admission steps and lessen the time spent on them. Therefore, automation increases customer satisfaction. 

Improve Communication

One factor that affects the learning process is how well communication between teachers and students is carried out. Students can only effectively learn if instructions and expectations are clear. So, communication plays a vital role in this.

This is also the reason why parents are more likely to enroll their children in schools that provide an easy exchange of information. In the digital age, various communication channels can be used, making it more convenient for both parties.

Tools like the student management system, aside from automating admission princesses, can also serve as a communication medium. This way, parents and guardians can always be informed of the children’s progress. 

Make Use of Social Media Channels

As mentioned above, technology plays a big role in today’s society. Aside from websites, social media is one of the technological advancements that can help educational institutions in marketing. 

If we are talking about marketing strategies for educational institutions today, social media should not be left out. There are millions of special media users in this age. That is why it is highly recommended to make use of this media. 

Educational institutions can advertise their services on Facebook and Instagram to reach more possible clients. 

Incorporate a Mobile Approach

Last but not least in the list of effective marketing strategies for educational institutions is providing mobile access. The mobile approach tackles two things — convenience and adapting to technology. 

Clients always go for a service that offers flexible options. Being tied to one limits what the children can do therefore limits educational opportunities as well. Mobile applications offer access to students and guardians anytime anywhere. 

How to Create a Marketing Plan

Gather Your Resources

Before diving into the main plan, you must first determine the resources at hand. These resources are not only limited to financial but also human resources.

Knowing what is available to you is important because it would dictate the scale of marketing that you can do. This will basically determine the course of your marketing plan. 

However, you do not need to worry shout limited resources are there are many marketing strategies for educational institutions that be implemented with limited resources

Know Your Goals

Next, you have to lay out your goals as in institutions. Creating marketing strategies and programs will not be possible if you o not know what you want to achieve.

All marketing techniques that you will be doing are micro-tasks that aim to contribute to the fulfillment of your goals. 

For example, the school can aim to increase the number of new enrollees. So, marketing plans should be focused on attracting new students. 

Create a Comprehensive and Detailed Plan

Once the goals are finalized, schools can now create detailed plans on marketing. This includes setting budgets per program and determining their duration. In addition, this stage involves putting people in charge of the strategies.

The plan should be detailed as the organization of the whole marketing strategy depends on this. 


Once the plan is in place, the next thing to do is to implement them. No matter how good a plan is, it will not be successful if not implemented correctly. That is why the implementation stage should be monitored as well. 


Is marketing important in the education sector?

Yes. Marketing is important in any kind of sector. Clients, or in this case students, are essential in keeping these industries running.

What is the best marketing strategy?

Effective marketing plans is not just composed of one strategy. So, when planning, make sure to incorporate techniques or strategies that will address your goals as an institution.

Key Points to Remember

Educational institutions run in the presence of the students. That is why marketing strategies for educational institutions are necessary. They help acquire new students and even keep the current ones. 

There are many effective strategies today especially considering the technology available to us. So, before implementing one, make sure that strategies can help you achieve your goals as an institution.

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